Monday, 31 July 2017

an update

I went to see Dunkirk yesterday - I thought it was very good. I was a bit annoyed by the frequent famous faces and too much harry Styles, but that didn’t detract from some very fine craft film making. In particular - as I live on the south coast - I really ‘got’ the big sea and sky throughout - very beautiful.

Last week I went to see the 2nd part of Angels in America - also excellent. I prefer theatre to theatrical so part 1 was more engaging for me, but once again - Andrew Garfield was the star of the show. Money well spent.

I have had a lot of work to do over the last week and IO’m getting increasingly run down - project creep is agonisingly annoying and impacts on my income. I’m ‘up against’ the end of the month so I have to make a decision about my mortgage in the next few weeks and sort a few other problems out - and try and persuade people to pay me. But, I’m sort of getting by.

I’m eating more protein at the moments I feel a it better but I would like to lose a bit of weight in the middle, or just get more exercise, or just possibly have a break. I have no real free time at all and I’m constantly tied.

I’m not sure if I got round to mentioning I hit 51 a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t welcome.

‘The tiny ‘secret’ house directly across the road from me appears to have sold for quite a lot of money. I’m not sure why the Address is Fairlight Road - it should be my road - they even have a plaque on the fence. This morning one of my colleagues told me he’d been there this morning to pick up some chairs that the new owners were selling on eBay.

It’s becoming increasingly urgent to find a way to fund the front of my house - I need to get the mortgage thing out of the way first.

I trued to figure out what was wrong with the washing machine - when I turned it own, it started smoking. I guess that means it’s fucked. I don’t need a washing machine that catches fire. I managed to get through 25 years with just 2 washing machines, this one has lasted about a year. More money I can’t afford to spend. I’m really pissed off about that one. I really don’t seem to be getting a break here.

I broke my can opener and had to open a tin of chick peas with a hacksaw yesterday. The shame.

I’m sad that Jeanne Moreau has died - she was probably my favourite actress.

One of my mates witnessed quite a typical Hastings incident yesterday. It’s carnival week so much drinking and carousing everywhere - after the annual tug-of-war on the seafront, he witnessed the climax of a large family feud - an old woman on a mobility scooter (quite drunk) was repeatedly ramming a very large man (who had been part of the tug-of-war) and shouting ‘come on then. fight me’. Hastings.

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