Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday part 2

Some random pictures to look at instead of the horror out there.

Friday part 1

(I wrote this last night, haven't bothered correcting the tenses etc)

I think I went back to work at just the right time, I was in a bit over the weekend, and for half of Monday - Tuesday was my first full day and I was exhausted afterwards - and it’s been hard work - but actually, it’s been OK. I feel fine, getting my stamina back, enjoying work without too many hiccups and feeling good. I’m pretty busy now and work is really enjoyable - I’m finding it exciting again. Hopefully this will continue. My memory is getting better and I’m not stressing about anything, although there are still a few glitches, like every time I turn the living room light on and off I turn the radio on instead and stand there confused for a few moments.

Facebook, and all social media are generally strange and difficult to navigate - because we subconsciously ‘curate’ them and select the company we keep to be ‘like’ us - they become very closed-shop, which is why so many people, including myself, were shocked by the election. All the people we know think like us, how could there be anything else? For the last few days my entire digital experience has been the same photographs of dead children posted over and over again. A torrent of horror. I can understand people's shock and revulsion, and genuine distress and concern - but I never need to see them again.

I’ve lost my taste for coffee, I find this quite distressing. It’s my only vice. I’m sure my dental hygienist will be delighted.

I wore a jumper today, first one of the year and entirely appropriate.

I’m actually looking forward to my ‘weekend’ as a ‘weekend’ for the first time in two months.

I filled in and signed the paperwork to get a bank loan to tide me over for the next couple of months - it’s actually very small and will just pay off my overdraft, I need to get some money in urgently and will have to start chasing soon, I’m very broke.

The disabled transsexual in the Oxfam shop is getting increasingly strange - she looks like a dipsomaniac Margaret Rutherford in stage make-up, today she’s bleached her long hair and was wearing a straw hat with a garland of plastic flowers. She’s rude and bad tempered, but I like her. There were a load of fantastic men's shirts in there, all in my size, all worth about 70 quid each and with good labels - all priced at £2 each. I decided to walk away, I must have 200 shirts already

There is a documentary on the radio about the concept of ‘multiverse’ - I just don’t get it - it seems like rubbish to me

(that program was actually on the internet - I have no idea why I wrote radio - it just came out like that, that’s what my head is like at the moment - I can’t seem to be able to use photoshop at the moment at all.)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tuesday (Not Monday)

It's early - I'm doing a big back-up of all the information on all 3 computers  in case one dies, again. The repaired iMac is working fine but can't be re-trusted. If it goes again I'm selling it for scrap. That will be the end of the road. The backup will take about an hour - I spent quite a lot of time last night going through it all and cleaning it all up.

Just walked the dogs. Senile dog has developed a fascination with walking in front of cars or suddenly deciding to go in the opposite direction we are walking in. I changed the dog food a few weeks ago, it's better - they are thriving on it and it 'comes out' dry and easy to pick up - however - I now have dogs that no longer 'go' twice a day - depositing a decent volume that I can just pick up and put in the bin, instead I have dogs that go about 10 times a day in small volumes. I'm getting through a lot of plastic bags.

Last night I watched 'The Hunger Games' - I'm aware of it but had never seen it. I understand that it's been really successful and has continued to spawn a series, and is based on successful books that are aimed at older children / young adults. I thought the acting was largely very good, obviously a lot of money has been spent and it was well crafted. Personally - I thought it was quite sinister. 'Adults' were cruel, comic, infantile and crude and I get no pleasure from watching kids killing kids. There was a scene where one (very young ) child was murdered after showing great compassion despite being in a hopeless situation - dressing their death up as a sacrifice and carpeting her body in flowers didn't make it any more palatable - on a day when I'd seen photographs of the 'real' bodies of small Syrian children washing up on a beach. I know it's only a film - but I thought it was pretty morally bankrupt. Maybe I just don't get the point.

After breakfast I'm making a few phone calls - then I'm going into work. I have loads of work on at the moment - all good, interesting stuff and properly paid - but, thanks to my 'hiatus' I've actually run out of money. I'm going to make an attempt to increase my overdraft (actually - I don't think I can, I have a vague memory that they won't actually talk to me about it if I am already overdrawn - they have useless rules about that ) and I need to talk to my mortgage company - partly because I'm going to be late this month thanks to a client not paying me last week (I won't be working with them again so they are dragging their feet) and annoyingly I paid off some of my mortgage just before the accident - and now obviously wish I hadn't as the result has been I've run out of cash. Depending on the way the call goes I'll be dropping into the conversation that I found all my mortgage statements and I paid PPI for about a year on this mortgage. If they are unhappy about me being a bit late for the first time in 20 years - I'm a bit annoyed with them breaking the law by selling a work based insurance policy to a self employed person. If all else fails - I'll just have to be very creative. It's not an ideal situation to be in - but better than it could have been (i.e. dead, in a coma, a vegetable etc)

Walking the dogs I realised that I'm going to have to invest in some winter dog walking boots. It's already getting colder at night and darker than I would like.

Did I mention that since I gave away my tumble dryer that my electricity bills have halved?

I'm really struggling to understand the new 'regime' of PAYG mobile phone usage - credit just vanishes for no reason. I've tried turning everything off but it seems to be designed to rob me blind. My online account hasn't been set up properly and my old monthly account is still in credit. I'm dreading having to talk to someone over the phone again - not even sure they were a real person last time.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Le Weekend

On Friday it was the launch of Coastal Currents - a month-long arts festival in Hastings. The Launch party was in Bottle Alley - the Sidney Little designed mile long under road walkway on the seafront which features prominently in the Neil Jordan film 'Byzantium'. It was great - just hundreds of people wandering up and down, looking at exhibits, drinking at the free bars, listening to live music as the sun went down and the moon rose - the weather was perfect, we were really lucky. Afterwards the party was in the Observer Building, next to my studio, and it was great. They have done a brilliant job of kitting it out with a bar, lighting, new floor and food cabins. I got home quite late. Also on Friday - Borough Wines opened across from the studio. A wine merchant who also sells books - what's not to like?

The observer Building, one of te guys in this photo played the gorilla On The Mighty Boosh. I never saw it myself

Free-bar on the beach in Bottle Alley

A mile of drinking on the beach

On Saturday - it was a repeat performance - the Observer held their VIP opening, and I was somehow on the VIP list. Additionally - a new nightclub opened on the site of the legendary 'Crypt' Music venue. I managed to enjoy all events without getting too drunk and barely spent any money.

I had to go into work today, the engineer has managed to fix my iMac, for the time being and she brought it around to the studio for me. I had to pay - which hurt, and I'm going to have to think about a replacement sooner rather than later..

I'm working on Monday - I have a meeting on Wednesday and I need to be ahead of the curve, I'll be in the studio on my own for half a day and I should get a lot done. I have to be back to work full-time from Tuesday.

I've hit the point where money is an issue - as two payments failed to show on Friday, as I suspected. Getting the larger one will be a struggle. Next week I have to have difficult and probably pointless conversations with my bank, my mortgage company and the Inland revenue.

I met someone intensely rude yesterday, but resisted saying anything or storming out of the room.

The highlight of my week was at about 10pm on Friday night - when a former 1980's pop star, drunk - or much worse, threatened to kill me by slitting by throat and drinking my blood. I burst out laughing (he was so far gone it was shameful) and shortly after he was removed by security for lunging at a woman.

That reminds me - The Daily Telegraph reviewed a local pub this week - very favourably, and reminded me of the acronym F.I.L.T.H. - 'failed in London, try Hastings'

Friday, 28 August 2015


It can't decide if it's going to be rain or shine, I'm waiting to see what happens. I'm going to be out later than usual so I'm going in later to compensate.

I work on a performance / literary event last night last night - it's the 3rd one I've done - it was the weakest. There was a terrible performance by someone with an exceptional CV who re-imagined the Tempest as a one person play, all male, painted blue and naked. I'm glad I was standing in the corridor - I think it was just an excuse for exhibitionism. A woman also read an interview  (I think it was for The Times) from 1999 with Elizabeth Taylor that sounded dated and lightweight, and a bit pointless. The highlight was the American writer J Fergus Evans who was actually fantastic, I really enjoyed it.

I sent the Imac off to the engineer. I really like my Mac Engineer - When he was called Tim he helped me out with some towers and now that he's called Clare she's basically saved my business a couple of times by saving data from failed drives. It's not looking good - so I'm having the hard drive put in a case so I can use it as a spare drive, and selling it for scrap. I now need to buy a new computer, somehow. My lack of funds are starting to play on my mind, oh, how I wish I hadn't paid off part of my mortgage before the accident.

Talking of which - people keep telling me how well I look, which is nice, but I'm still stammering when I'm nervous and stumbling over the odd word. My sort term memory is still terrible and I'm starting to panic about getting things wrong for missing stuff. I've been told to exercise my head more - the suggestion of chess didn't go down well - I hate chess - but something like that. I also had a conversation with someone who suggested I learn to knit, and I totally get their point. I'm really glad I invested in software to check my spelling and grammar on the computers - it's really paying for itself now - although I think that has more to do with my hand coordination and the fact I need to slow down a bit until I'm a bit better.

To my utter joy there has been a lot of Iris Murdoch on the radio this week, just enjoying the last part of 'A Severed Head' - I really tink she deserves a major revival and retrospective - this book, in particular would make a fantastic and amazingly modern film.

Out of sheer mischief yesterday, I started writing a totally fictitious Linkedin Profile. I quite liked it.

Later today I'm going to a large event on the seafront to kick off Coastal Currents, Hastings' big annual arts festival - It's being set on the seafront this year - looking forward to it. Tomorrow I have a VIP invite to the launch of the Observer Building project, the big building next to our studio. It's all go.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Well, it clearly is 'back to normal'.

I battled my way into work in gale force winds and driving rain to take a couple of conference calls I'd scheduled with clients. By the time I arrived (there was only one other person there) I was drenched and my jeans hung off me. (I should take a change of clothes to work). Just as I was about to take the call, and after having set up my computer in anticipation with all the appropriate files in the screen... it died, totally. I think it's past saving. Not ideal - I can't afford another one - so I had to come home and make everything up on a laptop. Tomorrow I'll have to change everything around -work screen to the studio and laptop made ready for day to day stuff. I will send the iMac to the tech person, might be able to change the screen, but I suppose everything comes to an end, I don't think I've lost too much.

Last night I went for dinner with some friends who are leaving Hastings for Bristol - I really enjoyed it and will be very sad to see them go. It's much better for them professionally - and I'll see them on Saturday for the last time before they leave, but they are both a loss to this town.

For some reason I'm incredibly tired today, hoping to have a second wind later, I have quite a lot tof work to do.

None of my clothes will dry - it's to damp and humid.