Sunday, 19 March 2017

Update in earlier

All the extra daylight and getting up early has started making the days very long.

Not complaining.

I packed up all the clothes for the sale - I found loads of stuff I have absolutely no memory of buying, let alone wearing. This includes a Dolce and Gabana jacket that has appeared mysteriously but doesn't really fit very well, so I had no trouble deciding to let it go. There are about 30 shirts, many I never actually wore - or never would - some very good stuff that absolutely will never suit me. Some of the older stuff reminded me how much slimmer I used to be but I have kept a few things that are quite tight to keep me reminded what my body weight threshold has to be, one very good shirt in particular that screams 'enough and no more'. Basically - if you are slightly bigger than me you can walk away with about 3k worth of 90's menswear for 20 quid - including a Claude Montana Jacket of dubious origin. If you are slightly smaller - enough shirting and casualwear to last a lifetime.  I'm looking forward to being relieved of it all.

Not being able to remember where stuff came from now no longer bothers me - but there is another thing I've probably not mentioned - I seem to remember things that didn't happen. A good example would be films - I regularly read reviews of films that have not come out yet and am convinced I have seen them - or start watching something I've certainly never seen before yet absolutely find it all familiar. It's something I'm used to now.

The magnolia has started to bloom. Always my favourite thing at this time of the year. Only lasts a week but well worth the wait.

Anyway - if you are anywhere near Hastings next Sunday - we have a lot to offer, including a market, a florist, some food retailers, a DJ playing retro 60's and a bar. There will bd people doing complimentary therapy - whatever that is, some stuff for kids including a renting workshop and a spring planting club - and a jumble sale upstairs - open all day from noon. Everyone welcome.


Unknown said...

Are you O.K. ? Hope your absence from here is just because you are very busy and not because you are ill. Either way, a few words would reassure us you have not retired the blog.

Anne Roy said...

Where are you? We are beginning to worry ...

Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

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