Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sunday Morning

Yet another break - sorry about that - I've been working really hard and generally by the time I get home, I'm out for the count.

In brief. The old guy who lives directly opposite died, and I think his wife is going to sell the house. Next door to them the new tenants have two people carriers and he parks his giant yellow work van outside my house every day, blocking the light. Next to them, the old guy is going very senile and looks like that house will also be sold. Next door to me is also going on the market in a couple of months and there are at least 2 other houses that may be sold soon too. I'm in a 'hot spot' - sadly - my house is the one holding prices back.

It's the Hastings Half Marathon today - they go past the house - and quite a few people I know are running.

I will be part of a 'posh' jumble sale event in the venue under my studio next week, I'm selling about 20 years worth of 'good' clothes that are too small (or too big) for me now. I'm looking forward to absolving myself of the past and all that 'stuff'.

I watched 'Noah' last Steampunk Sci-Fi. The second half was complete and utter pants. I then watched 'Snowpiercer' - which was a brave attempt at something that was never going work.

I managed to repair the leak in my kitchen - however - I will need to do more work to fit a valve for a washing machine, I'm waiting for it to dry out first - which is taking time and I have a bad feeling that under the particle board the kitchen is very, very damp.

Two new clients have been incredibly nice to me - not what I am used to. I have done a lot of very good work recently - it's odd how the drama of the last 18 months seems to have changed the way my head works and I seem to be much better at my job, I did some work for the Sarcoma Charity that helped Hannah before she died as a gift and they want to meet me and do more work together - and a client from years ago called me on Friday and was very keen to reconnect. It's not translating into income yet but I'm getting there.

I can't quite decide if the feral cats outside have 'fixed' my rodent problem - I'm waiting a while before I try anything drastic.

Next door are perfectly happy for me to move the toilet to the wall that adjoins their bedroom - I offered to do it when they move out but she just said go ahead. I have also had a moment of genius and worked out how to re-route a pipe from the kitchen upstairs so it doesn't criss-cross a wall (this makes a lot of sense to me, I doubt it will to you - but it's a triumph)

I've already had next years Council Tax bill - it's gone up nearly 20 quid a month in the last few years. I remember the good old days when I used to be able to pay it the day it arrived and not think about it again.

I've put on a little bit of weight - I'm actually quite happy about that - I look better when I'm heavier. On Wednesday I was in a charity shop and they had a Levis engineered denim jacket for a fiver - they were over 100 quid when they came out and I always wanted one, there are still over 50 quid on eBay. I bought it and everyone keeps telling me it really suits me.

I made another spectacularly good pasta sauce last night in the slow cooker.

The increased daylight has really cheered me up and made me feel more optimistic - I'm regularly getting into work at 7.30am - it makes a huge difference.


Altbilbo said...

Brilliant! Your most optimistic post in years.

Anne Roy said...

you told us - I will be part of a 'posh' jumble sale event in the venue under my studio next week, ... ah ... did you become part of the sale & are now in an ornamental garden somewhere? do advise ... if even by pigeon post ... Anne in Cambridge

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