Friday, 12 May 2017

Back. Briefly.

I haven’t died or been abducted by aliens. I’ve just been really busy and distracted - trying to move things forward whilst dealing with all the shit that everyone wants to throw at me. Politics here and abroad are an absolute mess (except France - thank fuck for that).

I’ve been working my arse of, basically for less than minimum wage - working weekends to keep people happy. Generally that means people want me to work for free, or at least be on call 24 hours and complicit to the point of prostitution. I’m in the process of taking legal action over a non payer who is using thee of my brands to launch his businesses. I don’t need that.

I’m pretty tired and run down. Home isn’t much better. I’m trying to negotiate a new mortgage on my house when the current one expires in August - not as easy as it sounds as I have to try and generate money to repair the windows and front of the house - among other things. It’s a grim process.

A friend died suddenly about 10 dies ago. He was in poor health after an accident about 10 years ago (and an MRSI infection of the spine caught in hospital). His funeral is next week. I have two friends with terminal cancer and the nephew of one of my best friends was killed in a freak accident in Manchester last week. He was 18.

We have ‘issues’ with someone at work that is going to drag on for a few weeks and a supplier is really messing up. Most of the work I’m involved with is going really well, I’m on a roll - creatively - but the money is never enough. It’s really getting me down.

One of the reasons I haven’t written much is because I’m sure you’re all sick of the sound of my moaning.

I escaped from the studio to watch Alien: Covenant - which I honestly didn’t enjoy that much. I thought is was contrived, tried far too hard and a bit obvious. There was very little that was ‘new’ or inventive - it felt quite tired already. Perhaps it was just me.

The weather is getting better - I usually get into work at 7.30am top settle down and tune in before anyone else arrives. It makes a difference. I’m getting increasingly sick of people not acknowledging recipe of emails and artwork and general lack of any professionalism out there.

I’m really, really tired - I have to spend part of Sunday looking at the financial crisis I seem to have found myself in and wondering how to deal with it. I can’t actually think of anything nice to say - and the chaos of another General Election and associated fallout is already wearing very, very, thin. I bet you wish I hadn’t bothered.

As an aside - I’ve made friends with ‘Sue,The Benefits Superviser’ who was immortalised by Lucien Freud, a former well know war correspondent and a bloke who is usually in War Zones plucking diplomats off roofs while bullets whistle past his ears. Hastings. Still the capital of weird.


Anne Roy said...

Pleased to see you posting & reading that you are busy, with work if not getting paid for it. We were all getting worried. As for your self perceived 'moaning' it is life, just talking about life.

Sandra Morris said...

Must admit I was getting a tad concerned. I have missed reading your posts... and as Anne said, you simply talk about life. In a considered, thoughtful, sometimes funny way.
Trust me, ALL of us are going through similar travails in different ways so it's refreshing to hear about yours too.

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