Monday, 6 February 2017


A week has passed - I've been really busy - working very hard and actually doing some good work. We now have about 30 mins extra daylight - not enough - but getting there.

Bumped into the woman next door in the COOP. She has inherited a house from her mother - 4 bedrooms, and will be moving as soon as probate is resolved. She can't decide if they should sell next door or rent it out - I hope they sell it, the new owners will have to do something with the exterior. Apparently they are still dealing with a large Ivy that was cut down 10 years ago but still invades the inside of the house. The new owners might be persuaded to fix their fence. She is a nurse and told me that she had seen me in Hospital when I was ill. Obviously she didn't say hello, She was nice enough.

I haven't been sleeping very well and felt really run down yesterday - but work is fine. I think we just need more daylight. I watched The Pianist again last night. Remarkable film.

I bought a book of cartoons from 1958 in Oxfam for £3.50, which is one of the values I found on a quick google search, however there are multiple copies available in the USA in the hundreds of pounds.

I have to call my mortgage company tomorrow and pay January's Mortgage - February went through - but not January for some reason - I need to do it manually. I have other bills a to pay tomorrow that will push me back into deep overdraft. Again.

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