Monday, 30 January 2017

The weekend.

I kept it under wraps. For good reason, from the absurd to the ridiculous, nothing surprises me.

The building where I have my studio has multiple uses, a bar, a restaurant area if needed, an external area, a venue and dance floor - a floor of studios and a posh apartment with en suite guest bedrooms. Last weekend it was hired out as a private party venue for the artist Keith Tyson, he was opening his new show at the Jerwood. He invited all his friends. And their staff, and a chef and loads of other stuff including their own ovens and crockery. The guests included the entire Chipping Norton set -because his girlfriend is Elizabeth Murdock. So, we were host to everyone from Jeremy Clarkson to Rebekah Wade/Kemp/Brooks and 'cheesmonger' Alex James. I won't repost anything but you can check out Clarkson's instagram feed of a photo he took of a very drunk Alex James in the bar with Rebekah Brooks awful husband - drunkenly wearing women's bathing costumes they bought 'for a laugh'. The Brooks-Wade-Kemps went home with Clarkson via a private helicopter from the top of the West Hill. They all spent a lot of money. Apparently Alex James (he brought William Orbit with him) is very nice.

I don't make this shit up. I wish I did. The chef was called Alan Bird - his instagram is here.

I made a point of staying at home all weekend.


Mark Rochester said...

As if Trump wasn't enough!

Anonymous said...

It sounds grim down south...

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