Sunday, 8 January 2017


Oddly warm and spring-like this morning. Plenty of green shoots and some flowers - the weather is a mess. Pretty damp too.

I had 48 hours of constant screaming from the woman next door - I honestly think she only has 2 settings. Screaming and asleep - however - the discarded box for a 49inch flat screen TV they dumped this morning kinda explains the silence today.

I worked really hard last week - I actually seem to have a lot of really good, challenging PAID work on at the moment - but nothing in the bank so I'm still on lockdown, I'm trying not to think about that part - but I'm enjoying being busy and my head is working really hard.

The cracks to the front of my house are getting worse. I need to pull about 10k out of the bag really soon - I'm getting quite stressed about that one.

For some unknown reason - the new window cleaner did his work dressed as an elf or leprechaun yesterday morning (he cleans all the windows opposite) - It was very strange.

Pulled my back out again, in a different way to before - but not badly. It's just sore and uncomfortable.

One of my neighbours (just round the corner) has chopped down the trees that have always hidden their house. It's changed the way everything looks. This house was hidden before.

Watched a few films last week, including two recent British thrillers - both of which had strange and unexpected local connections and similarities. 'The Last Passenger' A film with Dougray Scott and Lindsay Duncan set on the train from London Bridge to Hastings that gets hijacked by a nutter - they make a big thing about the actually journey itself and end up (badly) in a fire and crash roughly a mile from my house, and 'Howl' - which is set on exactly the same route - a sort of 'American Werewolf' type film that tries to persuade us there are werewolves in Eastbourne It doesn't have to try too hard. I actually really enjoyed them both. Harmless fun and both with surprisingly high production values.

I have a heavy day tomorrow - lots of work, some politics to deal with and a couple of challenges I could do without. Extracting money from people is the hard part. Transport is still all over the place so nobody is going anywhere soon - I think the London Underground will also be on strike from tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi - just flicked through a few sequences of Last Passenger. Looks very good. It would only have had to have been a very slightly different sort of train to have featured some of the Edward Pond murals on the carriage interiors that you worked on, it is a shame that it wasn't - as it was otherwise from largely the correct 'era' for that to have been the case.

Apols for something of a 'specialist' post!


Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

On the wiki page for that film they go into a lot of detail about how it was actually filmed (difficult in a moving train) and I presume that tyro of carriage suited the story - it very much reminded me of the sort of British thriller they used to make in the 1950's - and the architecture of the train really suited the action.

Anonymous said...

Good points, I'll have to check the wiki page and have a read - thanks for the tip. I recognised the train interior from hundreds of journeys in the 70s/80s/90s as it was the type of train used on the London to Brighton, Portsmouth, Eastbourne, Hastings and coastway routes. A few compartments for 1st class and then 'open' saloons for second class. Gaurds van with ample space for bikes and a small compartment for the gaurd where you would go if you wanted to ask a question or needed to buy a ticket. Some even had buffet cars with proper counters that served hot snacks, toast etc, which always seemed a treat.

When they renovated them in the 80s the budget must have been low as they got new upholstery and lighting etc, but not new formica panels so no new Pond murals, which was a shame.

I see what you mean about a 50s feel. Of course Dougray Scott did the 1940s chase on the train sequence rather well in Enigma (with Kate Winslet) some years back.

New Year best wishes by the way!

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Cheers to you too! R

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