Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Just watched 'Girl With All The Gifts' - actually really liked it - good edition to the genre. Nothing cheerful about it. Have now made my 4th attempt to watch 'The Imitation Game' - gave up again - can't abide the Cumberbatch characterisation of Turing - it's pantomime. Managed about 20 mins this time.

Weird shit part 1

Found a tenner in the road on the early morning dog walk yesterday (very thick blanket of sea fog everywhere) - the first thing that came into my mind was 'I'll be punished for this' - it's a catholic school thing - everything 'good' that ever happens is followed by something very bad.  Later that day I cycled to Bexhill to see a client who I've worked with for years and for some reason hadn't paid his last bill - broached it with him, obviously he was embarrassed about it. Asked me to re-send the invoice. Turns out it was my mistake - the way my online account works now - if money is paid into my account it does not appear until it's cleared - up to 6 days - and then is added to my statement retrospectively on the date it was submitted - on the case - it was added to October despite my 'page' now being November - so I didn't register it. Not only did I make a complete fool of myself - I am much more broke than I thought. Really broke - although for some strange reason loads of work keeps coming in, some of it really good - I am actually quite busy now. Still - that tenner was clearly cursed.

Weird Shit part 2

Was given a free restaurant meal today for myself and a couple of colleagues because I'm helping them out with some design work - I had the all the vegan options as usual. Came home, made a pasta dinner (feeling fine) - half way through began vomiting with such force I thought I was going to pass out. Five minutes later - I'm fine again.  I have no idea what that was about - unless it's punishment for getting a free meal.

I don't know why but I'm generally in a very good mood - but really worried about money. However - everyone is struggling. Friend who has caner has refused chemo (there is going to be a fund raising event for them later in the month). Another friends father died unexpectedly (and dramatically) yesterday - and hours later - his mother was taken to hospital herself - but seems stable. And to top it all - had a conversation with a friend who is also struggling, and I became quite concerned for their wellbeing. Have to tread carefully there. First thing this morning the only guy who came in early took a call from his very distressed wife at the vets who was forced to have their dog put to sleep. All this grief never seems to end.

Witnessed a conversation on Facebook today where a long time labour party activist announced that he had thrown in the towel and had resigned his membership - followed by people admitting they had done the same and others throwing abuse at him. I know exactly how he feels - my subscription isn't due until June - if things don't improve by then - I'll be doing the same.

I'm vaguely thinking of alternative things to do on the day of Trump's inauguration - I need something to take my mind off things. It's ironic that all the stress I get from politics as just an observer is distracting me from the mess of my own life - I'm trying to amuse myself by imagining the newspaper headlines for the day it all goes horribly wrong. I can assure you every print edition in the civilised world has already set the type for 'You're Fired' - but that could be some time away - and a painful time it will be.

Apparently we are going to get something called 'Thunder-Snow' shortly - I have no idea what that is supposed to be. I'm not holding my breath.

Saddest thing. Saw this on a cliff edge at Galley Hill yesterday.

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