Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Firstly back, part 2.

Nobody is back at work except me and one other guy. Town was empty and all the shops closed. One client returned an email from The Maldives - nobody else was bothered.

Have a meeting with someone in digital tomorrow - before I go into the studio, with a view to working together. Couple of potential joint jobs lined up. Client in Brighton is still keen to work with me, despite the fact there is no real train service now and It will take at least 2 hours to visit their office for briefing, just need to actually get the work confirmed.

If you are a regular reader you will know that I used to do a lot of on door/bar security/FOH and coat check work in nightclubs. Had a highly entertaining conversation today with someone who owns a venue and has very busy late night event, I have repeatedly had the conversation with them that they should NEVER offer a coat check / cloakroom option. On NYE - they decided they knew better. At least they had the good grace to admit it had been a mistake. They were frankly horrified by just how appalling drunk people can be - I'm so glad I stayed at home.

Despite still not having been paid by anyone, and literally running on empty - I managed to get a lot done today and seem to be in a really good mood.


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy New Year from an occasional reader. I always enjoy your blog and am grateful for your film knowledge. Natalie

Grey Area said...

And happy new year (and thanks) to you too. R

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