Thursday, 1 December 2016


Today started badly. I was forced to break open a packet of soap with a hacksaw out of sheer frustration. Let's see how today develops.

Yesterday I made the mistake of going into central Hastings - I've forgotten how awful it is when people are xmas shopping. In WHS - a very odd woman in her thirties, the type who looks trapped in a low ranking administrative role and thus angry with the world - was harassing a member of staff because the desk diary she had already bought for next year didn't have the required number of 'notelettes' she was expecting - nor did it have a wipe-clean divider-come-ruler.  She was talking in a very loud, monotone voice that lead me to think at first  it was a staff training exercise, but catching the eye of the assistant - I saw real fear.

Later I went into Waterstones - and another equally threatening and bizarre scene. A middle aged woman in a Barbour (there is a theme here) who clearly didn't work and had too much time on her hands, was aggressively talking to a staff member - "I just don't have the time to go home and get my reading glasses, I expect YOU to take me to the well-being section and talk me though your stock so that I can find something to interpret my dreams". I honestly don't make this stuff up.

My back still hurts, so later today I'm going to give 'Deep Heat' a go. It can hardly make things worse.

I pulled an expensive, stainless steel catering bench out of a skip yesterday and have just re-organised my studio space around it. I'm very pleased with myself.


Pat said...

FWIW I have been helped by Deep Heat back patches when similarly afflicted.

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent post! I enjoyed picturing the scenarios (but I think in the sort of way you 'enjoy' watching a horror movie...).

Sorry to hear the back is still bad. Deep heat is good stuff. There is also some sort of ibuprofen type gel cream my other half uses - think it might be called Ibuleive or some such.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

the ibuprofen gell is very good, but I keep avoiding deep heat, I'm putting it off - I had a bad experience with it once and I get flashbacks.

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