Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Went into work early today, managed to convert my desk so I can stand up while I work. Two people pointed out (one with some alarm) that I have lost weight. I know, I’m quite happy about it. Despite my earnest attempts over the years to bulk up - I’m a naturally thin person trapped inside a thin body. It doesn’t suit my face, but nothing does.

It appears that my busted computer screen can be saved - the water is drained out and the engineer is going to replace the power button and another component that is named after a group of random initials, both destroyed by ferrous action of the water or something (I think it’s called ‘rust’). I may get away with as little as £30 in costs - or at least the guilty party who over watered her plants upstairs will. We’re glossing over that one.

Did some more work for techno DJ’s today - they are very happy, didn’t get around to dealing with money - keep putting that off, made a point of avoiding a couple of meetings about local planning issues and had some more enquiries about the Creative Quarter project. Tomorrow - I have to do difficult stuff.

One thing I’m really struggling with at the moment. Intelligent spelling and grammar correction on the computers and browsers, constantly re-wording all my correspondence in random ways. It’s exhausting.

Almost all my neighbours have their xmas decorations up. Many will leave the lights up until at least Easter. It gets earlier ever year - First decorated house was November 12th this year. I think people are just looking for an escape. I don’t blame them. It’s also very, very cold.

Last night I bought the entire 1980's 'Day Of The Triffids' series from the BBC store for £2.99 in their sale - digital copy etc. Really cheered me up.

I’m feeling a bit lazy - so I’ve decided to cut and paste a couple of random Facebook posts I made today - rather than go to the effort of re-typing them. I like Facebook, it’s taken me years to curate my friends list to represent people I actually like and talk to. I personally think we middle aged types should start reclaiming social platforms for our own purposes, the internet is wasted on the young.

so… from today -

Just walked the dogs quickly, 6.30am - pitch dark, freezing. young couple holding hands emerge from a wooded path leading to the country park - she's wearing a black mini dress and high heels, he looks like he's wearing a dinner jacket. Carrying silver and gold helium filled party balloons. 'good morning'. Hastings. *rolls eyes*

I was in a local junk shop today - I won't tell you which one - but it's not hard to guess. The owner was being monopolised by a woman of about my age and her elderly mother. The mother was quite sweet "do you remember me, I came in here about 2 years ago and we had such a nice chat". The Daughter (blonde highlights and a Barbour) was really keen to talk about herself, and how she had a warehouse full of amazing stuff that the shop owner would just love - but she was doing 'simple' now and her home was practically 'Zen' - this went on for some time - when they finally left, the owner - who had actually been very nice and chatty to both of them turns to me and said "did you see that woman, she keeps her poor mother in a rotten flat in St Leonards that's practically a squat - forever moving her to cheaper and cheaper rented accommodation - and yet she just bought a fucking Rothko for her front room. She makes me sick". I was very close to buying him a pint and giving him a hug.

Just been in the Tesco in Town - very obese man at the till explaining to the man behind the counter that he was stocking up because society is about to collapse and the apocalypse was coming. That's nice.

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