Friday, 2 December 2016


I'm at home - I was supposed to be at an event tonight - but passed. I'll explain why.

The woman who owns the building I work in is a great friend - she also owns the bar I work in sometimes and she's often a client. Anyway - she made an appointment with the back-person she uses in my name and paid for me, combination late birthday / early xmas and thank you for a few favours. He's not cheap, but apparently very good. There is nothing I can think of that I hate more than the idea of being manhandled by a complete stranger with no clothes on (me - not him). He was very nice, professional, explained a lot if things - spent an hour making me feel either much better or much worse (not sure about that one) and convinced me to come back next week for another session. I have to pay for this one myself. I do feel better - although he warned me that I may feel much worse tomorrow, and could tie my shoe laces unaided after I got dressed again, but I had to grit my teeth all the way through. He told me to take some pain relief tonight - but actually I've bought some beer instead as it really does relax me a bit and makes me feel better. Obviously I'm very grateful and very touched by the gesture - but I'm from the North - whatever injury we have, we suffer in silence until it becomes scar tissue and then it stops hurting anyway. At one point I could feel his thumbs pressed so hard into my back they felt like knitting needles about to draw blood - and I had a red ring around my face where the aperture in the table pressed against my head. He's very busy - hardly has time to eat lunch and is booked up every day - but frankly, I'd be bored to death if I was him (I did work out in my head what his approximate turnover must be, that was sobering.) Through the whole hour we listened to a terrible CD of pan pipe versions of 1970's big ballads. That caused me pain as well. At one point he asked me if I was under a lot of stress. I just looked at him. Apparently the problem is really not that bad. Considering how much pain I've been in - I wonder how bad it could be?

Tomorrow there is a big industry event at my studio - spread over two days (it's called HiFest) and a big party afterwards, I doubt that I'll manage that one. I'm pretty desperate to get back to proper work without feeling pain or discomfort all day, and trying to sit down might help - I've now been standing for two weeks.

I other news, it appears a piece of my work has been copied by a large London venue. I'll go into more detail in another post - but it's happened before and I'm fairly nonplussed.

The Zac Goldsmith thing wasn't a surprise, there will be more. Labour losing it's deposit wasn't a surprise either. I think the LEAVE lot are going to get increasingly fractious and angry as they realise that the other half of the country suddenly don't just cede into agreement with them.

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Anne Roy said...

I have been offered by a friend massages at the gym where they go ... ah no ... I feel creeped out at the thought of a stranger touching. Excellent that you can tie your shoes!

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