Saturday, 17 December 2016


At home, eating cheese and watching an Australian Horror film on Youtube (It's lunchtime).

I didn't really enjoy this week - it's that time of the year when everyone is distracted or has taken their eye of the ball. That's the trouble with being freelance. I depend on everyone else to do their job so I can do mine. A client has asked me do do some creative development - they recently upgraded their job and I have a bad feeling they may have exceeded their remit and budget - but the work has still been done. Another client - who I have done quite a lot for, is being very evasive and another, who is constantly promising me work - has basically managed to get me to do some key research for a project they are out of their depth on - for free, and not for the first time. To be frank - I'm on a bit of a downer today - I'm just not in the mood for being positive.

We had out studio Xmas drinks on Thursday and it was actually pretty good - I enjoyed myself in a low key way. If you remember last year I managed to get into a stand up shouting match with the daughter of the punk icon Polly Styrene. I blame the medication I was on. This year was fine -although we did accidentally gatecrash the xmas party for the furnishing company that our MP and Home Secretary erroneously (read that as untruthfully) accused of only employing foreigners. Their buffet was huge and they didn't touch it. As a consequence - I had a hangover on Friday (I hardly drink now and I've lost weight - so it hits me hard and I shouldn't do anything that gives me a headache).

Some good news, my friends who lost their little boy earlier this year are expecting a new baby in June of next year.

I've made so much pasta sauce that it's all I'm going to be eating for the next week.

I've noticed that it's so mild the trees are all in bud and the bulbs are starting to sprout.

Every year I say I don't think I'll bother with xmas, every year I mean it - but never so much as this year. I'm even going to try and get out of lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I never go the xmas party where I work (University of Cambridge) and I do not celebrate xmas either ... we have a nice meal on 25th December with some friends where we raise our glass to Wm the Conqueror who was crowned King of England on that date in 1066 ... it is also the birth date of Isaac Newton (hurrah for gravity)... Anne

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