Sunday, 18 December 2016


What a depressing Sunday. It's now getting cold and dull.. and dark. I'm waiting for last nights' pasta to re-heat. Spent the weekend doing the cleaning and getting things straight in the house. I have a feeling that work is going to wind right down now - a lot of people seems to have already finished, they are going to get bored by the weekend. There are things I would like to do - both at home and at work. I also need to try and make sure I'm funded over xmas, a few unpaid bills and invoices hanging about. Someone I know through work and personally dislike and find pointless has just been bought a house by their parents as a wedding present.

I think my back is about 90% OK now - I may try cycling next week.

Last night I watched the film Barfly - for the first time since 1987, when I was a student and watched it on my own in the Curzon Mayfair. Students used to get cheap tickets to everything then. I really enjoyed the film then, and now. It's easy to forget what a good actor Mickey Rourke used to be - he's excellent in this.  It's an odd, fragmented, sparse little film about alcoholics, drifters and losers - based on stories (and written by) Charles Bukowski, also starring Faye Dunaway - who is also quite excellent. I know, and have known, a lot of people who drink too much and there is much familiarity in this film. I have a few other films lined up for this weekend - although I made the mistake of watching the new Star Wars film on Friday and it was an incomprehensible mess.

I've made a mistake on a piece of work that's only being used on social media - it's a single apostrophe in the wrong place - before, rather than after the 's' - nobody has noticed but it's really winding me up.

The rather difficult old woman who lives a few doors away walked past my house this morning, stopped and stared at my neighbours house - took out a pen and paper and made some notes about their rather grubby looking garden. I have no idea what's going on in her head. The posh end of my road has been overcome by some kind of competitive xmas decorations hysteria - they have all gone for white and blue this year. You can probably see it from space.

I didn't win the lottery.

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