Monday, 12 December 2016


A hello, and an apology.

I had a meeting earlier today - it was supposed to be about work but basically I was just being asked to bale someone out and do the hard stuff, as a favour.

When I came out - it was pissing down with rain, which I hadn't expected. On the corner opposite my studio is a shop that does a roaring ride in online sports gear - a couple of times a week they need the recycling service to collect a couple of hundred cardboard boxes from outside - as I passed, head down (pissing with rain, remember) the chap collecting the card asked me if 'I had a blog'  - "I knew it was you, don't know why - I think it's the shoes" (I was wearing cherry red DM's) - he said he'd seem me around anyway and remembered the house from my descriptions. As It was raining, I was in a bit of a bad mood and caught out - I probably wasn't much of a conversationalist - but anyway - nice to meet you, should have said hello properly. I also have to admit we occasionally pinch the used cardboard boxes for the studio. Hope he doesn't mind.

Managed to spend all day sitting down, without too much trouble, first time in a month. Got quite a bit of work done as a result. Even tackled some cable management. I pray for a cable-free world.

For some time now I've been thinking of an exit strategy. My favourite is to buy a small house on one of the larger Scottish islands, and do the occasional B&B for bird watchers and tourists. I can probably afford it, I like being on my own, I like the weather and the landscape - and there is good broadband. I'm even prepared to learn to drive. I'm looking at a 5 year timescale to get myself sorted. I will probably talk about it on here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds an ideal change ... I love Scotland ... so peaceful & quiet with a rugged landscape! Endless brands of ace single malts to try. Anne (who moved from Canada to England 20 years ago)

Steerforth said...

I read today that the Orkneys are the second best place in the UK to live (Winchester was the first, but is ridiculously expensive).

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