Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday. I should have stayed in bed,

Got up early, made the effort to stumble into work. Arrived at about 8am. I saw that the coaster where I put my coffee cup was wet and assumed someone had been sitting at my desk - then realised everywhere was wet. Desks, notebooks etc - all the electrical cables and sockets - and finally the computer screen - a big apple cinema display, which was flashing on and off and shorting out. It later transpired that some water had flooded from upstairs, a totally innocent accident, they hadn't realised how much or what damage was done. So. I'm down a screen.

So, I have to go home and collect the one I use to watch films and TV etc. I walk back - on opening the front door I didn't have the dogs welcoming me, just silence - then I noticed that the water bowl was upside down in the middle of the kitchen, and then that the dining room doors were open.

It transpires that someone has tried to get into the house - and been confronted by the dogs - who obviously did 'dog' stuff. Afterwards, in their hysterical state - they destroyed all the soft furnishings, dragged all the covers off the chairs and tore a large hole in my mattress - after stripping the bed. I found them hiding upstairs, very distressed.

I really wish I'd stayed at home today and just hidden from the world. If the dogs went into the garden unsupervised, I'll probably get angry communication from the woman next door later.

My back still hurts, not that anyone gives a fuck.

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