Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Potentially - the type size on this 'should' be normal.

The builder was due today at noon - so I spent the day at home. He didn't turn up - remembering to inform me at 1.30 - he's now coming tomorrow. If I behaved like that I'd be unemployable. The trouble is - Hastings and St Leonards are so full of building projects at the moment that literally nobody is available or wants the work. This guy is recommended, and I have social connections with him - which should hopefully make it harder for him to let me down. We live in hope.

Being here all day - in the cold, with confused, needy dogs - has been a drag. I've had a couple of bits of work come in - absolutely no real money in any of them - but I'll take what's offered.

I made the mistake of trying to work out what windows cost last night - they are far more expensive than I expected. I went to bed with a migraine as a result.

My water rates bill came - I haven't opened it yet. I'm on a meter - but even thinking about it really stresses me out.

I have a (vegetarian) sausage casserole on the slow cooker - it won't be ready until about 8pm - it's now 4pm. I did actually toy with the idea of going into work for a couple of hours in the late afternoon - but decided against it. Also thought about going to bed for a couple of hours and spending the night watching the election - but that might stress me out to the point of aneurism. Here is a little something I posted on Facebook last night.

"I remember waking up the morning that Barack Obama became president and thinking ‘wow - what a great leap forward’ - and now look where we are. It doesn’t really matter if you like Clinton or not - POTUS is just a symbolic role - they have no power, it doesn’t mean anything, they never actually achieve anything themselves - they just look nice and go to banquets and fly about in a big plane looking presidential. If you feel that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place - don’t pick the boulder. Trump has lied and lied and lied, each lie bigger and more obvious than the last. He has no policy, no vision, no actual politic, just the utter contempt he has for anyone who isn’t ‘him’ and the expectation that he can manipulate and harness the electorate to do his will, like his employees - in the shallow, trashy, short-sighted pursuit of self adoration and greed. Trump wants to win because he feels entitled to it, he expects it. He’s a thug, a parasite and a liar - as well as being a mysoginist and possibly much, much worse. If he wins (and in many ways, he already has)- it won’t matter on the world stage - the rich will still get richer and the middle class will still look after themselves - but at the bottom - millions of people will become disposable, inconvenient and unwanted. If you don’t want to vote for Hilary Clinton - it’s defacto vote for trump, and you have to take responsibility for that. If you can’t make that compromise and just for once - if you can’t bite your tongue and accept that it’s the least worst option - and can’t accept that you and people like you have failed to create a legitimate alternative - then every time a black kid gets shot for carrying a bag to school ‘that looked a bit like a gun - hell, he was black’ - or a Mexican gets refused work and deported, or a gay kid get beaten up, or a woman gets abused or great swathes of blue collar, white America finally wake up and realise they have been played - well a little tiny bit of that is all your fault.
The truth is that one of the greatest weapons against her was her gender - she has already lost because she was a woman. Happy with that?
And do you know what else pisses me off, more than anything. Guys like Trump will always win - every time. Because we let them."

I know a lot of people who dislike Trump - call themselves socialists and liberals - but absolutely refuse to vote for Hilary Clinton on principle. You may remember me getting into a terrible fight with the daughter of a celebrity about a year ago on this very subject.. although I was still taking a lot of pain relief at the time - that's almost an excuse. I honestly don't know what's going to happen tonight. I honestly didn't think Brexit was possible - I was very wrong there.

Last night I had another go at synching 3 mac computers and a phone - they are really stressing me out - files are jumping from one to another without my knowledge or permission - every time I try and delete something  - it runs away and pops up on another computer - and I found that my Google drive was full of invisible files - abut 10 gig. A few weeks ago I helped someone out in the studio who needed to download a press photo of Dolly Parton for a publishing job with her charity - ever since then hundreds of his-res press pictures of Dolly keep appearing in my Drop Box - along with other files from her publisher that I'm clearly not meant to see - that took some sorting. One of my clients added me to his dropbox 'family' and his entire archive downloaded onto my work computer while I was at lunch. It's all out of control. I'm thinking of constructing a horror film script - along the lines of The Ring. Haunted by my own Hard Drive.

I dug out a load of red LED xmas lights and strung them over the fireplace in the dining room - they make the room feel warmer and save money on actual lights - I need something for when I come home in the evening, struggling through the front door into a narrow hallway with a large pushbike with two dogs underfoot requires some illumination.

When the builder comes tomorrow - I may actually ask him about the practicalities of moving the kitchen into the dining room - bricking up the doorway (with a large window) and knocking down the kitchen. I'm personally really keen - I hate that kitchen - it's a crappy, badly built lean too. I could have a bigger patio in a sun trap with a possible greenhouse. As far as I see it - the only difficulty would be a bit of messing with the drains. I know someone with an identical house who has done the same thing - I'm very tempted.

It's 4.30 and starting to get dark - I'm waiting for the temperature to drop - last night was freezing - I'm really trying hard to avoid using any heating - for some reason, this year feels much colder than it really is. That's probably just a giant, subliminal metaphor.

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