Monday, 7 November 2016

Blue Monday

There is something very wrong about today. i have a bad feeling tomorrow will be worse, so I’m staying at home - and Wednesday onwards in cancelled. If Trump get’s into the Whitehouse - it will all have gone to pot.

In real terms, he’s already won - and he knows it. If he doesn’t get the job - it will be a decade of him accusing people of cheating him and drumming up support for himself and his businesses. It’s very difficult not to get angry and upset by the unbelievable stupidity and hatred of that man, and the lack of competence that has allowed him to flourish, Frankly - getting the job would be a disaster for him and he wouldn’t want it - he will be under too much scrutiny and too vulnerable at the top - he just wants to screw America. In his wake - the resurgence of far right sentiment, general racism and small minded bigotry will have sent America back decades. I get particularly angry with smug, self important, liberal democrats like Susan Sarandon who have the means to walk away from America if it gets too uncomfortable - legitimising his opportunity by their own conceit.

This morning I had to listen to Susanne Evans of UKIP on the radio calling for the EU decision on Parliamentary processes for Article 50 to be overturned by ‘people power’ - as if the law was something you could just push aside. I despair. This whole world is such a mess at the moment. I dread the end of his week - I just don’t think it can get any worse - but it will.

I’ve made contact with a builder to talk about my house. I have also been given the details of an independent mortgage advisor who may be able to change my position there - personally, I think he’d have to be a magician and it’s not something I actually want to do - but It’s there.

Oddly enough - whilst fretting about the consequences of having my bay window knocked down - I didn’t realise (and it’s been 9 years of walking past every day ) that the house on the corner of my road has already had the same work done. Their new window isn’t actually very nice and too small - but it’s not an eyesore. I’m quite focussed on it now - I just have no idea how I’m going to pay for it. I could heare dust settling behind the plaster again this morning. I was literally white with fear.

Went out for lunch yesterday - enjoyed it. Didn’t follow them to the pub afterwards, I don’t want to drink at the moment and it was too noisy for me - managed to get a lift all the way home.

I’m not exactly busy today - there is a piece of work I need to do but I’ve been trying to sort out some compouter issues and work on my archiving - I have a cloud storage account for stuff that I may need at any time - regardless of what device I’m on - and it needs a bit of TLC too make sure it’s not full of crap. There are quite a few other things I need to get out of the way and I’ve changed my browser to Safari across all devices because Chrome seems to hate me now. First world problems.

I will be looking around the house tomorrow for things to sell. Some work that I have been promised is taking too long to turn up and a couple of other jobs seem to have been cancelled - generally because of money - I’m often at the end of a chain and I am often paid a fraction of what the person who just picks up the phone gets.

It’s very cold, and windy, and drizzly. It’s affecting everyone in the studio.


Letterslive said...

Whatever the result of the election there will be anger, bitterness and possibly violence. It has been a horribly vulgar and stupid campaign. I despair.
PS Your font has gone very small in this post.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

yeah, the font thing is weird - I think it's down to my struggle with Chrome versus Safari - and other related digital cloud issues that have taken up most of my day... I'll have to construct an entire post around my grief.

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