Sunday, 27 November 2016


I really needed to get on with stuff today, so I swallowed my pride and took some more pain relief. I can quite seriously see how people get hooked on this stuff - I never normally take medication of any kind - but about 5 mins after taking a couple of Co-Codamol, I get a hot flush and that feeling you get when you have a glass of wine on an empty stomach, and then I cheer up - a lot. The pain doesn't go away - but I don't care. I find it hard to accept that I took this stuff for 3 months last year without realising how much of an effect it had on me. Anyway - I now have the worlds tidiest kitchen and did 4 loads of washing, after plumbing the machine back in, and later I'm going to change the bed. I've been wearing the same clothes for a week so I need to sort out my stuff for next week. I'm going into work first thing and will hopefully manage at least half a day.

Caused quite a 'heated debate' last night on Facebook, all because of the Joe Corre thing, watching the film or his 'gesture' it was quite obvious that he didn't burn £5million quid's worth of stuff, nothing like it. It was also clear that nobody could see past that number - it was all about the money - not the actual value of the stuff, whatever that might be.

I remembered that I had a stool in the loft so braved the stepladder and brought it down, can't decide if it's any more comfortable.

Tomorrow I have to do some more artwork for a techno DJ, go though my finances and look at some labelling for a skin cream - mostly the bit on the back that has complex chemical names in tiny letters - but has to be word, grammar and punctuation perfect. If I have time, I'll be looking at the Creative Triangle project - and running some errands. I also need to set up a work related Twitter account, and Instagram, and probably migrate my website to a new URL that's more 'on point'. Or something like that. I also have quite a bit of new work to add, and I will be refreshing the whole site over xmas - which is now very close.

I shaved off my beard, after checking nobody wanted to hire me as a Bad Santa this year (actually - I can easily grow another one by Xmas).

It did occur to me today, that regardless what happens over the next few years, Theresa May is doomed. She supported the Stay campaign, but now has to deliver Leave - and she's trying to be very robust about it - which will be increasingly difficult. If she succeeds - it will be a mess - as more and more people realise what a total farce the whole concept and referendum were, and if she fails - she'll have to shoulder the ire of the brexiteers, mostly her own party. Her relationship with Europe is going to go from bad to worse, regardless - and nobody in their right mind will be getting cosy with America for at least 2 years - probably more. She's politically and ideologically isolated - has no philosophy, no ideas, no real support, nothing. I'd like to think that the time could be spent by Labour to galvanise some form of effective opposition, but they are a shambles. I said weeks ago that Trump has caused irreparable damage to the Republican party - and I still believe that, they may have won the election, but have saddled themselves with someone who is already dragging them into the pit. It's almost ironic that they have to be their own opposition party to gain any credence. When people at the ground level who voted for trump finally realise it's all a sham and the man in the gold tower neither cares about nor understands them - it's going to be grubby.

Today might be the last day I can get away without heating.

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