Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I took the day off yesterday - something I never usually do - I didn’t have anything pressing on and they are using an angle grinder to repair the metal fire escape outside our building and it’s apparently really bad. I had planned to do stuff, but ended up actually having a real day off. I may do the same ting today. I actually wracked with guilt - but after 20 odd years of being self employed - I need to get over that.

I have things I want to do today anyway - I am due to be at an event in London tonight but as the trains are on strike thiss week - the only available route is apparently very unreliable and overcrowded, and I worry about getting back. I should really put the dogs in kennels but that pushes the cost up even higher to the total equivalent of approx 8 hours standing behind a bar. I’m waiting for a bit of feedback from a couple of commuters and will make a decision layer.

I’m trying to avoid the Olympics,  have no interest whatsoever. I’m actually waiting for the Tom Daley backlash - he’s always annoyed me - now more than ever.

For some reason, and I don’t know why, I’ve been having really bad nightmares. Usually when I dream it’s just chopped up bits of the day with fairly obvious random references to things I’ve seen or know about - mostly visual stuff - that’s pretty normal. They never have any actual narrative. On Saturday I had a really bad dream about a terrorist track in France that was so bad you could see it from my house and last night I had a really disconcerting and very long dream about getting my luggage stolen. That might not sound too bad but it touched on some kind of Kafka-esque nightmare and just reinforced my conviction that no matter how hard I try to help people, usually against my better judgement - they always let me down.

I saw a large green woodpecker earlier this morning  the dog walk - don’t see them as often as I like so that cheered me up.

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