Saturday, 6 August 2016


I re-read a couple of my old posts today - what an incoherent mess - I’m sure they make sense when I write them - I used to be much more articulate than this. I apologise.

Yesterday evening I went to a smart drinks ‘thing’ at a friends house. I had 4 glasses of wine, each one from a different bottle. I’ve not drunk wine in several years and as a result I was quite drunk and have spent nearly the whole day in bed. A shame, as it appears to have been one of the nicest days of the year. I don’t seem to be able to drink all now. I’m not complaining - it will save me a fortune. One woman was quite rude to me last night - I doubt that she intended to be, but she was remarkably dismissive of me. I think I was expected to ‘perform’ more.

Later tonight I’m working from 9.30 - 3am at a ‘tribal’ night with ‘performances’ including fire eaters. It sounds terrible. I’ll be on the bar. I expect to have a headache all day tomorrow.

Yesterday I was able to cycle all the way up Harold Road to my house without stopping. The steepest, longest hill in Hastings. I’ve not been able to manage that since last year - I was very pleased with myself. I generally feel much better now that I’ve stopped drinking milk and have cut down on bread to almost nothing. Still a bit thick in the middle - I don’t really know why - I must work on that more.

It appears that most of the South coast in in Brighton for Pride - I am delighted to say that I am not - a long day in the sun surrounded by alcohol, noise and crowds of people is my idea of hell. Estimates put the crowds at 200k people.

The house needs a big clean - that will be my day tomorrow. Managed to get some invoices it last week so I know I have some money coming in, not as much as I would like - but ticking-over money.

I’m trying quite hard to be positive at the moment - although yesterday, every time I tried to do anything concrete on  the computer the program crashed - I gave up in the end.

I still have a beard, not really sure why - just can’t be bothered shaving it off.

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