Thursday, 4 August 2016


I came in early today - I want to leave early and work at home tomorrow. At least it isn’t raining.

Earlier in the week I had a fairly traumatic episode - on Monday I realised by checking my bank account that my mortgage hadn’t been paid this month or last - despite were actually being cash in the bank.I spent a sleepless night and on Tuesday called them early to be told that my standing order had been cancelled - but not to worry, because I was in credit. I have apparently been in credit for some time - they couldn’t explain properly over the phone, they are writing to me. I seems that it’s another case of me ringing up and making extra payments over the phone while I was ill. I have absolutely no memory of this whatsoever - nor the other occasions. I’ll wait until I get the letter before I try and work that one out.

I’m still short of money - all my bills are paid and I have a few invoices to go out today - but I haven’t paid my council tax or given anything to the inland revenue for a while - so life is still shit. A year ago I had money in the bank and on deposit - now I’m in an absurd around to debt and work is looking ropey to say the least. Perversely - I looked through everything I’ve done this year and all my client have been ecstatic in their praise - I’ve never been better at my job, just getting the work is the hard part. This week I’ve had thank you emails from 3 clients - the work was all; actually quite good, I’m not complaining. I’m particularly fond of the illustration work I did for a private school in Folkestone. Very tricky.

I’m supposed to be moving desks in the studio over the next few days - while we do a re-fit, I don’t hold out much hope - nothing gets done on time.

The company who own the building next door who are engaged in the long running planning application drama to turn it into flats were evicted from their offices for non-payment of rent. That kinda puts the tin hat on everything.

When I was in the Oxfam earlier in the week an elderly woman in conversation with the guy on the till snapped her fingers and said ‘TED BUNDY!! That’s the one I liked, not Jeffrey Dahmer” I didn’t hang around after that.

I ‘binge watched’ the whole of series one of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ last night - I actually really enjoyed it.

The noise from the building work on the library next door has been extraordinarily bad this week.

I experimented with Soy milk today and found that after the initial shock - it was at least as good as Almond Milk, I may bulk buy.

The small dogs bladder issues are now totally out of control - she pisses constantly in the house - even moments after she has come in from a walk - I leave the house to get away from it. I’m quite sure it smells really bad despite constant cleaning - I refuse to let anyone come to the house now.

For some time now I’ve been convinced that Trump has never wanted to be US President - it was just a punt, a man who like taking absurd risk gestures and winning - but the American Right and his own ego have dragged him to places he clearly doesn’t want to go - he’s looking for an exit strategy - has been all along, this will explain his tiresome and lurid behaviour. I can see someone like Paul Ryan taking over at some stage in a carefully managed face saving coup.


Steerforth said...

Yes, Fear the Walking Dead is great fun. I enjoyed seeing the sudden acceleration of the process of collapse. Great for binge watching.

I think Paul Ryan would be even worse than Trump. Ryan's an Ayn Rand fan, which is up there with Scientology as far as I'm concerned.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

yeah - I read Ryan's biography on Wikipedia when I was writing that and almost C&P's a passage about Rand - what struck me most is that he has a very odd photographic presence - he has that strange fixed smile and middle distance stare you see in posters of North Korean dictators. He's also younger than me. More proof of my staggering underachievement.

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