Wednesday, 20 July 2016


The Internet went down today, so I came home at 4pm. Almost running down a man who was crossing the road - it turned out to be ‘superstar’ DJ Danny Rampling, who I know very, very vaguely (he remembered my name once). It wasn’t quite as hot as yesterday, but somehow I actually forgot to eat my breakfast - so today was a bit of a mess, and when I arrived home, it turned out I’d forgotten to turn the show cooker on - so no vegetable madras.

Did a lot of work I won’t be paid for due to a factory giving us all the wrong measurements - so multiple re-artworkings were needed. I am ‘pending’ on 4 jobs that might come off - all at the same time… so I will have to pass on some - or not come off at all, so I’ll earn nothing. I can already guess which it will be.

Theresa May is totally wrong about Trident, were is no virtue in being able to push the button, even if she’s just posturing. The whole point of MAD is that it’s not a deterrent, it’s a challenge to make sure it never happens, and do everything possible to prevent war.

I’m pleased that Owen Smith is standing for Labour leader and I wish him well. Angela Eagle did the right thing by forcing the issue - she had no choice and had to go through the process, even if it was inevitable she would fall on her sword. I have very little to say about Corbyn but I’m getting really sick of his supporters who are becoming increasingly bullish, arrogant and bullying.

I am starting to relax a bit about Brexit. A stupid concept that serves nobody but bigots and carpet baggers, crushes the economy and pushes us out into the boondocks, won on a knife edge and probably illegal, and almost certainly not something that would succeed again - I am starting to think it won’t ever actually happen. The whole thing is a bad dream.

In other news, I bought a cheese and tomato quiche that tasted funny, I thought it was off - but eventually managed to discover from studying the packet that it had ham in it. I wasn’t happy.

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