Saturday, 23 July 2016

I’m working tonight from 7.30pm until potentially 3am - running the bar for a 40th Birthday party, I will know everyone there - and was invited - but working absolves me from being a participant, and I can’t talk with loud noise or drink - so I’m betterover priced beer.
off. Also - I’ll earn at least enough to buy groceries and lunch for a week, instead of spending as much on

Long week, messy work, nothing but complications and stupid requests to do things I won;t get paid for. Yesterday I had to take an hour out of work to package up a huge amount of work from a couple of years go and send to another company with accompanying notes, and they couldn’t even be arsed to acknowledge receipt or say thank you. I get that all the time, I won’t get paid. I have to work on Sunday now to make up the time lost this week by people not being organised or planning work properly - or the time spent bailing people out or running around after them.

I’m going to try and clean the house and do a few jobs before I work later - it’s slightly cooler so I don’t feel so bad today, in fact, it’s actually quite nice.

I found an old clock-face in a bin. It’s up in my kitchen now.

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