Tuesday, 19 July 2016


I hate the heat, and it’s very hot. Last night I had the two worst nightmares I have ever had in my life. One was work based, and involved being humiliated by someone half my age and precipitated an email I received in the morning which probably sets that up - and the other was just awful and involved me having a clumsy face transplant, possibly precipitated by seeing lots of photographs of myself over the weekend and thinking I looked old, tired and grey.

Work is messy and awkward, mostly very political and I’m not earning anything.

I’ve lost both pairs of sunglasses, somehow - and I’m not prepared to pay money for new ones.

I’m supposed to go to a party on Saturday, I actually don’t want to go - I’ve been asked to work behind the bar instead - which I will do because it gives me a get-out, and I earn some money - whilst being looked down on by my peers.

I have to see several people over the next couple of days, and quite a bit of awkward stuff to do - the building work next door is relentless and my neighbour at the back has painted their house the most disgusting shade of violet imaginable, I feel sick looking at it. They also seem to have a professional gardener in.

Someone I know who earns next to nothing has spent a lot of money on luxury items.

I’m still feeling ridiculously tired and run down and have put on weight in the middle despite eating next to nothing. I’m going to cut out bread again, that will probably sort it.

Just found out by accident someone has stolen a job from me. That’s what twitter is for. I think I need another cup of tea.

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