Sunday, 10 July 2016


I went to a wedding yesterday, sort of. She's an old friend and he's great - I was invited as a guest but as the wedding was actually held in the bar and club room under my studio - I ended up being the doorman, general help and barman - which was ideal because I felt like I was taking part -was as much help as possible but managed to avoid being too social - which I find difficult at the best of times. The whole day went really well, the people were great and even the weather worked - a moment of accidental comedy when the whole group were having their picture taken outside the building and an old fashioned ice cream van tried to park in the unit directly behind them. If you knew the bride, you would have known she found this hysterical.

Last week was quite rubbish. Work getting cancelled or re-scheduled. Clients who have no idea what they are doing and people not paying their bills. I don’t like the hot, muggy weather at all and I’m getting pretty run down. On a lighter note - I’ve had a good meeting with the local authority and they are keen on the idea of setting up a cultural quarter in Hastings, and almost all the feedback I’ve had so far has been supportive and positive. I’m probably creating a rod for my own back, and I already suspect that at least one person is planning on muscling in. Generally when I have a good idea I’m stupid enough for someone else to profit from it.

I’s taking Thursday and Friday off next week. It’s my ‘big’ birthday. I don’t intend celebrating - and I’m hoping nobody else does either - life isn’t what it should be - I’m in debt, work is a nightmare and I can’t understand how it’s going to get much better. The house is falling down and the politics of this country makes me sick.

Never mind - at least I went to a wedding that didn’t end up in a fight and everyone there was happy.

In front of my building, just as the ice cream van arrived

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