Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Yes, I'm still here

I actually got locked out of my own blog because of the hiatus - and had to go through security.

I've had a lot on, Mostly stuff like work, trying to get work, dealing with people not paying their bills, dealing with people who think I work for free, dealing with my bank and mortgage company and my falling down house.

I’ve been doing a few night as a barman or doorman - £8ph - it’s fine and I’m working for people I know, more as a favour than anything - but it makes me tired and I’d forgotten how much I hate drunks.

I’ve also been trying not to get dragged into other people’s politics and drama - mostly with little success.

I have almost no electricity downstairs, there is something very wrong with the power supply to my kitchen and dining room - so I’ve turned it off and am waiting until I have time to deal with it.

The small incontinent dog is now pissing in the house 5 or 6 tines a day, it’s really wearing me out.

I’ve managed to pay off the small bank loan I took out last year when I was ill - and now I only have my new, larger bank loan, my council tax bill and everything else to worry about.

Work is OK - plenty coming in, all difficult, all badly paid - nowhere near enough to get me straight again.

The house is falling down, I was going to work at home today, but I couldn’t bear to be in there any longer.

The whole farce around Brexit is really stressing me out - I countered by getting the local Labour party to deliver a large core ‘IN’ sign to my house. I can see myself staying up all night on Thursday to watch the horror unfold.

I still have almost no short term memory - which is one of the main reasons I find this place much harder than I used to. I can just about manage work and keeping the house going - anything else is surplus to requirements. I should really get back into the habit of being here every morning.

The weather is a bit rubbish - but the garden likes it - I still have not been able to afford to replace the fences - and it likes being left alone - so no dogs means it’s looking lush - as you can see.

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