Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Post number 2

I’m doing my best to make up for time.

I had Couscous with my dinner. No idea why - utterly pointless - something that’s probably never been seen in the same room as dark matter or ectoplasm.

A client has booked me for a small project next week that will be cancelled if we vote to leave Europe. It’s based in Italy - I don’t blame them, they are terrified it’s all going to go wrong. More of the same will follow, I’m sure.

Couple of other bits of potential work turned up this week - I should be happy about it. I’m mostly paid up with my bills, just the council tax and inland revenue to go - and waiting for a revised Electricity bill.

Small dog pissed in the house twice during the 4 hours I was in the studio and the 2 hours I was at home. The dining room floorboards are permanently wet. I despair.

One of my clients is in Las Vegas at a trade fair - he’s staying in Nicholas Cage’s house - because it’s cheaper to rent than a hotel (300 dollars per night) It’s a 3 bed bungalow with a pool very close to The Strip - they are loving it. I also realised in a stunning lightbulb moment that a friends dad is Windsor Davies. Seriously. Windsor Fucking Davies. You couldn’t make it up (he’s looking good!)

I’ve been really run down for a couple of days and the warmer weather isn’t doing me any favours, I need a break - I’m planning on taking Friday off to deal with stuff at home - although I have already been asked to go to a lunch (I’m not paying). Among the many jobs that need doing - I have to use caustic soda to clear the green slime and algae that has covered the patio and back of the house over the damp few months we’ve just had - it’s bright green out there.

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