Monday, 30 May 2016

Bank Holiday Monday

I spent Friday stripping the plasterboard from the kitchen, and then stripping some copper pipes in anticipation of re-plumbing. I was going to complete the job over the weekend, and then I went looking for my tools - eventually managing to work out that I actually took them to a friends house to fix his sink a couple of days before my accident last year - so they must still be there. Much to my amazement - none of the kitchen walls are damp. This really cheered me up. I’ll sort my tools out and pickup where I left of last week.

I did some gardening instead - cleaned up a lot of rubbish ad have now filled 2 compost bins - hopefully the warm weather will help them rot down a bit.

Much of the bank holiday has been spent in front of a computer - working at my own pace. I have made multiple changes to my website, that first line of the first paragraph is still causing me grief.

One of my clients told me off for undercharging and made me increase my invoice. That never happens. In truth - I’m so battered by this last year that I’ve become used to undervaluing myself and get embarrassed to charge at all. This is not healthy.

I had a remarkably uncomfortable conversation with my bank on Friday - more of that next week - depending on how things pan out. Next week looks ‘ugly’ already.

I watched ‘The End Of The affair’ yesterday. I’ve seen it before. It’s a great film, with great performances - from a great book. I’m about as committed an atheist as it’s possible to be - but this one always gets me every time. It’s remarkably moving. I’m overcompensating now by watching Flash Gordon.

I’ve grown a beard - out of sheer laziness.

Next week I have to do something incredibly complicated and academically challenging - that is supposed to end up looking pretty and easy - I like stuff like that. I also managed to get two incredibly easy looking but fiendishly difficult pictograms to work this week - both needed to be re-drawn dozens of times. I’ve still got it.

An old friend from college has become a father again. Several of my friends have recently become parents again - as I tumble towards 50, it’s worth reminding myself that I still have some life left - I’m potentially only half way through my working life. 

Apparently - last night the whole of central Hastings was filled to the brim with drunks and party people. I’m increasingly glad I live in the boondocks.

We have a new person jining the studio next week, I’m in two minds about them. We are also about to have a bit revamp - new tables have apparently been purchased already.

The giant date palm I was given isn’t looking too happy at the moment - but the one IO already had that I get from nothing is flowering.

As I’m still cooker less - I made a huge vegetarian sausage casserole last week that lasted 3 days and was delicious (slow cooker) and today I made an equally huge vegetable madras - I’m really looking forward to it - just about to pop to the shop for some Nan bread.


Unknown said...

Are you O.K. Worried when you don't post.

Unknown said...

Are you O.K. Worried when you don't post.

Anonymous said...

Same here. All the best, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Yep - missing those updates and observations. Hopefully just that you are busy?

Grey Area said...

yep, sorry guys - I don't like posting when I'm in a bad mood - you must all be sick of me moaning about everything...

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