Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tuesday afternoon

The weather is lovely - I ate a bag of chips on the pier at lunch time - it’s not going to last - so I decided to make the most of it.

I have just finished a very difficult project in Brighton, working in-house. I had to work incredibly hard and really use my head. Last night at about 10pm I received an email from my client thanking my for the work I had done and the help I’d given them. That never happens - I was very touched. It’s one of the few places I work in that has a really healthy working environment. Just the right skill balance and good relationships between each employee - I wish more companies were like that.

On the way home I caught a train from Brighton station that was overtaken by harmless but loud and intimidating football supporters. At least I had my book to read.

I’m really tired today - not surprisingly - I did 4 days work in two - I’m probably going to finish early as I came in at 7.30 and have already managed to pull together a couple of weeks new work - So I’m less fretful at the moment - I need to go home and have a break for a couple of hours while the sun is still shining.

Being in Brighton yesterday was very strange. They have occasional very sunny days where everything seems much brighter and cleaner than usual - dazzling. The office is in a part of Brighton I like and am very familiar with and there is lots to see and do that’s always new and exciting. Sometimes I forget all the bad stuff about Brighton and really miss living there. I felt very much at home for some of the time I was there. In particular - coming into the station from a long day at work always made me feel better.  I could never afford to live there again and don’t suppose I shall ever want to - but a big part of me belongs there ( well - my 30’s). I spoke to two people I knew last week who just talked about the financial help their parents had given them to buy property - they were actually quite smug about it. I just grit my teeth.

I think I may do some more garden clearance - it’s very crowded now - the yucca closest to the house is going to flower again this year - thee size of the new stem for buds and the speed at which it has grown is quite alarming.

I have to spend Friday in Bexhill - it’s a work appointment - I’m looking forward to it and I’ll need to prepare. A new person is moving into the studio shortly so there will  be a bit of a change around during the bank holiday weekend (I’d forgotten we had another one) and then it’s the Europe Vote - I still can’t get my head around that one actually happening.

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