Sunday, 22 May 2016


Long and event full week.

1. Worked in Brighton

2. Dealt with other peoples grief, every day

3. Picked up some new work

4. Did a lot of cycling

5. Put on some weight

6. Forgot to pay my council tax

7. Chopped down a tree

8. Got a ticket to meet Jeremy Corbyn

9. drank too much tea

10. Had a small explosion

Working in Brighton was great, the dynamic of that office is probably the best I have ever worked in - really nice people who know what they are doing and everyone in the right job. Makes a nice change. As an aside, I also read that COOP have reverted back to their original logo from the 1960’s - a wise move. I’ve worked on quite a few COOP projects and the branding and concept of ‘Co-operative’ really doesn’t work - the new version by North is much better.

Dealing with other people’s shit is really pissing me off - it’s a daily occurrence. Additionally - everyone expects me to just roll over and be submissive all the time - if I ever stand up for myself - they think I’m being unreasonable. People can just fuck off.

Cycling has been good - feeling quite confident on the bike at the moment - gearing up to a much longer weekend bike ride when the weather improves. The new Pier in Hastings has officially opened with a day of events and a concert by Madness - it was very loud, you could hear it from my house - I have no problem with that. It’s clearly a success as people have already started finding things to moan about. Typical Hastings.

I have put on enough weight for me to be thinking I could lose a bit - a good thing and a bad thing at the same town. I’ve given up nearly all dairy - just milk and cheese left now, sometimes. I probably eat too much bread.

I forgot to pay my council tax  - that’s rally pissed me off - I’m going to be really short at the end of the month - if I don’t get some invoices paid - I won’t be able to pay my mortgage. Something that I’ve been close to before - but has never actually happened. Yet.

I chopped down most of the Photinia in my garden - too bloody big, and I’m probably going to chop down the cherry laurel - same problem, in the wrong place - vulnerable to the wind now and just in the way. I hate chopping stuff that’s healthy - I’ll mull some more. The soil is so shallow in my garden that if it gets wet - things just wash away as the water hits the clay base and turns the garden to soup, my bay tree is held up by lanyards at the moment.

Jeremy Corbyn will be in Hastings on Tuesday - as a labour party member I had the chance to apply for a ticket to be there - which I have. I don’t really like him at all for a lot of reasons, but I’m going to see what he’s like in the flesh.

I’m constantly drinking tea at the moment - I’m sure it’s not healthy.

On Friday evening, I came home from work and just fancied chips and a film. I put the oven on and sat down (with a cup of tea) when there was a loud bang and a very bad electrical smell - and all the fuses blew. It was obviously something kitchen related - so after a night in the dark watching something I had on my laptop as the battery died before an early night (8.30pm) - I spent saturday trying to fix it. Inevitably I ended up stripping the kitchen, pulling all the plasterboard down and discovering that the electrical supply for my large range cooker came from the same cable as all the downstairs sockets. I’ve managed to re-wire the kitchen now - at some point soon I’m going to have to fit a new cable from the consumer unit into the kitchen to power the cooker (it’s off, obviously). This house is constantly finding new ways to piss me off - it needs a complete re-wire. Today I finally decided to strip out a couple of dodgy and poorly positioned sockets and replace some light switches. I will hopefully be able to replace a lot of the poor cabling over the summer and make things safer. Same with the plumbing. Assuming I don’t get repossessed. I even moved the box for the broadband cable - it used to be in a cupboard upstairs - the engineer wrote 'is in the closet's the chit - and whenever I log onto my broadband account - the legend 'in the closet' appears.

The studio is being fumigated over this weekend - we had a large rug in the middle which turned out to be totally infested with moths - and they have all come to life at the same time. I have quite a bit to do next week, and quite a lot to worry about. At least I have lights, a washing machine and a fridge now - I can live of cold food through the sumner until I've re-wired the kitchen. Obviously - the kitchen now needs complete redecoration, it will just be bare brick and battens by the time I'm finished - I hope to be able to afford T&G. When I re-wire I'll be able to connect the new hot water unit I bought, so that's something. I have a slow cooker - so tonight I had a very hot and spicy bean casserole.

Picked up a copy of 'The Letters Of Martha Gellhorn' in Oxfam - dunno when I'm going to get the chance to read it. 

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