Friday, 27 May 2016

Another week

I went to see Jeremy Corbyn earlier this week at an event / rally / whatever in Hastings. There were about 2000 people there - none of whom needed to be convinced that he walked on water. To be fair - he’s much better in real life than on the telly - like Miliband and Brown before him. It was obvious that he had already given one major speech earlier in the day - he was quite tired and waffled a bit - and he went over all the familiar themes - mostly Europe. On the stage before him was a young woman who is the VP of the NUS. She was quite fantastic - I wish he had been more like her.

This week has been quite rubbish  - work wise it’s been a political and practical nightmare. I’ve just spent all my time running around after other people - most of that time wasted. These is no such thing as professional courtesy any more - it’s all a waste of time. This is quickly descending into the worst year of my life - only about 7 weeks left until my birthday and sometimes I wonder if I can make it that far. Despite the fact I’m working really hard there is no real money coming in and nothing but bills piling up - I’m over my limit on my current account - partly because it cost me so much to travel into Brighton last week early in the morning to work - and countless other costs. I had forgotten my Labour party membership - £60 - it made me overdrawn and I discovered today it has cost me about £40 so far in daily charges. I spoke to someone at my bank today because it’s the end of the month and I have standing orders - my mortgage, which I’m paying later in the month - and the final payment on my small bank loan - which I managed to pay by begging for a very small increase to my overdraft - to exactly cover the cost - it will then be reduced back down automatically. The bank are being very anal with me. Literally talking to me about £5 at a time. I’m owed roughly £3.5k at the moment - I have a feeling I won’t get a big part of that - about £900 is money I was due to be paid for work I did last May. I am having a ‘meeting’ with them next week. I doubt I’ll end up with half of that. I have one large piece of work on at the moment that is actually very difficult - much harder than the client realised, I won’t get paid for working so hard to fix it.

I worked at home today and achieved hardly anything - I’m really stressed out and wired, I can’t concentrate properly. Everything I do, I mess up. I even forgot to put the bins out.

I have to try and fix up a cable at the weekend from the consumer unit into the kitchen so I can actually use the cooker, presuming last weeks electrical problems didn’t damage it in some way. It will take a day at least and be very destructive - need to strip a kitchen wall back to the brick. I bought 20 rubble sacks - I am sure I’ll need them all. 

I was supposed to go on a day trip to Dungeness today - I’m glad I didn’t - I would have been very bad company.

There appear to be two large developments on the horizon in Hastings. Large 1960’s block in town is asking for planning permission to create 82 flats - and about 100 units are being built behind the college. I’m quite happy about this - more people in the middle of town is really good for the small and local economy. It will also be nice to see lights on at night.

I’m going to give up attempting to work now - I’m clearly wasting my time. Tomorrow will be house and garden work - then Sunday and Monday to try and catch up. I should try to calm down a bit. I’m clearly not doing myself any favours here.


Anonymous said...

Really interesting to read that Jeremy Corbyn can command such large attendances at a rally but, seemingly can't inspire many of those people to 'take to the streets' to take the argument out to voters very much. Have been trying to get people to help with the EU referendum campaign, deliver leaflets to people, and can't even manage to get people to volunteer to do that, and the leaflets even have a message from Corbyn on them! And today's Guardian headline is that voters don't know what the Labour position on Brexit is! Well I'm not surprised really. It's all rather sad.

PS I see the LP website says full rate membership is from £3.92 a month, so it may be that you could save a few pence by scaling that back as you must be paying a generous additional sum maybe

Unknown said...

Richard....I can't be the only one to wonder if you are O.K. Can you reassure us that the lack of posts is nothing to worry about.

Unknown said...

Richard....I can't be the only one to wonder if you are O.K. Can you reassure us that the lack of posts is nothing to worry about.

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