Sunday, 8 May 2016

A long week

Despite being a 'short' week  it's been very 'long'. I managed to get a lot done - loads of very difficult and badly paid work - nearly everything done and dusted - hopefully clear the decks by the end of Monday. Then perhaps I can look forward a bit - whatever that means,.

One thing I did last week was to go out for a ‘proper’ drink after work on Friday - 3rd time in a year - actually really enjoyed it. Didn’t cost much and I had to get up on Saturday to work - but it was fun. A friend had an exhibition of his new paintings and managed to sell nearly all of them, so we all went for a drink afterwards.

One good thing this week is the huge increase in people along the seafront and walking through Claremont thanks to the new Pier - it’s great - really good for the local businesses. I’s like being in a new town. A couple of places have already started improving their presentation in that area and a new bar is opening already just opposite.

I seem to have found myself in one of those stupid work situations where I’m basically working for free to support a client who is out of totally out of their depth and going to fail if they don’t wake up to marketing and presenting their business properly - I think that ultimately - he’s a really nice guy and great at what he does, and deserves to succeed - but needs to wake up to the world.  I’m trying to turn this round for myself so I can create something I’m proud of and can show people - it’s in my interest that it looks good and succeeds - but I might be fighting a losing battle. Dunno how I keep getting into these situations.

I’ve re-written the opening paragraph of my website about 20 more times this week - it’s starting to make more sense, still not happy. I’ll probably be retired or dead by the time it goes properly live.

There was quite a big queue when I went to vote this week - but in the end the turnout was quite low - there was almost no real change in the political landscape, but there were a surprisingly large number of votes for my local 18 year old Conservative candidate and the UKIP candidate.

This has appeared at the bottom of the road - I cycle past it on the way to the studio, the building next door (big Victorian villa) is being converted from an old people’s home to some kind of multiple occupancy place - I think it’s for single mums. Which is odd - as there are no shops here and it’s at least a 20 min walk to buy a pint of milk.

I cycled to Bexhill yesterday, I really don’t like this new bike at all - the seat has become loose as the clip holding it in place has already broken - it needs servicing again - I left it at the studio but really need to spend half a day on it.

Might have a new client this week - they contacted me last week and I’m waiting for them to set up a meeting. A load of design work is going to be taken to New York on Tuesday for the big design fair - I really enjoyed doing all the new lightbulb packaging for Dyke and Dean, hopefully production will go smoothly. Went really well last time when we only did 4 - but there are 18 different bulbs in 4 colours this time - quite a lot of logistics involved and thinking about how people buy bulbs - a surprising number of bulbs are returned because customers have bought the wrong one - I’m trying to design that ‘out’.

Finally put a bit of weight back on, feel better for it. Bumped into the husband of the woman who lives up the road who nearly won the Booker Price (and probably will eventually) - he was someone who saw me less than a week after my accident and was pretty complimentary about how much better I look now, that cheered me up - still can’t really remember anything from last year.

It might get as hot as 30 degrees later today - I’d forgotten what that felt like - I spent the whole of last summer in bed - It’s quite a shock to the system - but I’m not complaining.

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