Sunday, 20 March 2016


I worked today. I have to put together a pitch to present on Thursday. I'm already fairly sure it's a waste of time, and reading between the lines the job is far less interesting and lucrative than it should be. I'll also be expected to work in the 'wrong' way and the politics looks like a nightmare. I have to present in Londo and do at least 3 days work in preparation - on top of all the time I've already devoted. A total waste. They will go for the cheapest option.

I bought a decent ladder cheap from someone who has to move house. I can start by doing a few jobs at the back of the house first - including adapting the vent on the soil pipe so that I can extend the guttering properly and stop water running down the walls. I'll probably also fall off and break my neck.

I've left about 20 minority interest Facebook Groups - can't abide any more stupidity or small-mindedness, people keep adding me to groups that support their own politics and need to be the centre of attention. It's draining.

It's slowly getting lighter at night. Thank God.

Feeling a bit dead inside at the moment - really need to pull myself together. Work is an exhausting waste of time - I'm just not making enough money for the work I'm doing. It's not just me - it's everyone else as well. Doesn't make it any easier.

The IDS resignation really made me laugh - he's incredibly self-deluded.

A £200 jumper I bought a couple of years ago in TKMAXX has started unravelling (I didn't pay that much for it) - but as a sort of compensation - I bought a brand new Hugo Boss sweater in the charity shop for £4. I gave a mate 17 shirts (all good stuff)  that were slightly too small or short in the arm - he was delighted.

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