Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Saturday

I have had a long week.

I was in London on Thursday, I gave a presentation to an international development company - it actually went really, really well. If they don't want to use me - that's fine - because I did myself real credit. I should have more confidence in myself.

Afterwards, I met a good friend and spent a couple of hours talking in and around the London Bridge area. I really enjoyed it. I don't talk to people much anymore 'in the real world' and I think I probably should, I haven't talked to anyone about Hannah before and found myself getting genuinely upset and tearful.

The postman came early and a friend from school had sent me a very large and probably quite expensive Easter Egg, it's lovely. That doesn't happen to me very often but was much appreciated.

It's the end of my tax year - I am going to submit my accounts on the first possible day as usual - and draw a line under the last 12 months - it's been too terrible to let it carry on any longer.

I bumped into some friends by accident yesterday, they were meeting someone in the pub and I tagged along (I had coffee). The guy they were meeting was very famous in London in the music / fashion scene back in the 80's and '90s and is still on the fringes. In the last few years, he's been homeless and sleeping rough but is better placed now and looks really good - people from them, and people from now who have heard of him assume he's rich and successful. He isn't. But he wears it well.

I had a chip buttie earlier - first in 30 years, I had no idea I would enjoy it so much.

Tennessee Williams

I was reminded today that it's Tennessee Williams' Birthday.
When I was in my early teens and still living at home, they would show film versions of his plays late at night on BBC2. He made me realise that there was an exciting, dangerous but thrilling world out there and galvanised my resolve to leave home as soon as I could and not accept what was being offered to me. I still love his work and have read everything, even the really terrible stuff he wrote when he was younger. The first time I ever visited London unsupervised I bought a copy of 'The Orton Diaries' on the station platform as I was about to journey home - together, Williams and Orton put me on the path I'm on now and have been for 35 years. (Just as a spectator, not an enthusiastic participant...)

I strongly suspect that we are about to enter a period of terminal decline for this government - and a messy 5 years ahead. They are revealing just how crass and mindless they are. Osbourne and Johnson are both deeply loathed on all sides and I doubt that either will reach the top-job position they both think they deserve. There is no effective opposition, despite what the most committed Corbynites tell us - it's all a mess. Idiots like Nicky Morgan and Amber Rudd just padding the last days, reading from a script they don't understand..

One of my new, trendy, middle class neighbours has put up what I assumed was an Xmas tree - it's actually an Easter tree - with eggs rather than baubles... and tinsel.

I had a real battle with iTunes and Mac OS for the iPhone last night - trying to remove duplicate photograph's and stuff that should have been deleted years ago but I can't get rid of. I managed in the end by wiping and restoring the phone. I also seemed to have deleted my entire iTunes library - except the stuff I bought through iTunes directly. It was very frustrating.

High Rise isn't going to be shown in Hastings. That's just typical.

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