Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Completed my 2015/16 Tax returns - Earned as little as I thought - quite depressing. I won't be paying tax next year - that big black hole in the middle when I was ill sucked the life out of last year. I'm just uploading it all to a cloud server and I'll go home to sort my expenses and receipts - there are quite a few. I've changed the way I do a few things and I have to work out a new system where I am at home for 2 days a week over the year working - top accommodate me 'disability'.

I would much rather just sit in the pub and have a sulk.

The weather is bright and sunny, I'll walk the long way home.

I've been having really bad nightmares for some reason - not great. I had a particularly bad one at the weekend and was woken by 'Storm Katie' - I really thought I was going to lose the roof. It was pretty bad.

Oddly enough - I'm in quite a good frame of mind, must be the increased sunlight and better weather. I hope to find out this week if that pitch was successful - In my heart I know they will probably go with the cheapest option - or what the 'assume' is cheapest - I can't really fight that one.

I picked up a strange Bauhaus inspired chair from a dealer who 'does me favours' - it's obviously been upholstered at some point in the past and is very heavy. I think it might be transport related, somehow. I really like it. Small dog likes it too - she can use it to look out of the window - her favourite pass time.

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