Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wednesday Night

Debating staying up to watch Psycho.

The last two days have been very sunny, freezing cold - but the welcome sunshine has really lifted my mood - I needed it.

Worked hard on various important jobs that didn't actually earn my any money - and have been asked to do the graphics and invitations for a friends wedding - I would never charge for something like that anyway - just happy to help.

Because of the sun, I walked to work - I really enjoyed it.

There was a drone over the studio all day - they are surveying the Library next door - and the building on the other side which is going on sale - clever little things.

Last night I put up a couple of daylight bulbs at home - they are 'trade only' models - you're not supposed to be able to buy them in the shops - I'll probably be draining the national grid. I only have low energy bulbs at home and I may as well live by candle light. No wonder I get depressed.

I'm actually due a few payments in the next week or so that should carry me through another month. At the moment, I'm uploading a lot of work to an online site so I can 'dazzle' prospective clients with the breadth and depth of my talent - or something like that.

I watched the Palin/Trump thing - she's clearly medicated and struggling with a chemical imbalance. He's clearly a monster.

I have spent most of the last few days listening to radio 3 - a vast improvement on radio 4 - and some blessed relief.

I saw this little scene earlier today - an old newspaper with a picture of David Bowie on the cover, and a discarded can of 'Rockstar' energy drink - you couldn't have made it up. Poetry.

I am going to an all day/night Bowie Bash in the building next door tomorrow - dropping in and out. Everyone is looking forward to it.

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