Monday, 18 January 2016

Monday was rubbish.

I knew it would be, I didn't even realise it was 'blue Monday' or whatever they want to call it.

It's been incredibly cold all day - my feet are frozen, they were so cold last night I couldn't sleep - and then I couldn't wake up. Hardly anyone in the studio today. It was cold in there too.

I saw someone today that I have some professional connection to - I actually knew them 25 years ago too. The street was busy but he saw me, made a very brief eye contact and quickly looked at his phone. I get that a lot. I had the same thing last week - from someone who I am supposed to be working with but doesn't have the balls to tell me the project has been cancelled - and another colleague is doing the 'let's catch up for coffee... sometime'. I know that things are really difficult for everyone at the moment - but the lack of courtesy and professionalism I have to deal with really gets me down. Put it on the same piles as the client who keeps telling me they want to book me, then forgetting to deliver the work - or telling me that they had to use someone else because I wasn't available - which is never true.

I'm about to watch a documentary about Wooly Mammoths - and to do that - I had to watch the last 5 mins of 'Sorry' - which is as excruciatingly bad now as it was then.

Small dog has wee'd in the dining room 3 times between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. That's a record for her.

I had to look through some archives today and came across some pictures of me from about 2 years ago - I look so much healthier than I do now - I look dreadful at the moment - really tired and run down, really need to put some weight back on.

In other news - in an attempt to join the human race and pass myself off as a real person, I've begun populating a Flikr and Instagram account - and I'm starting to put work online - that might take longer, it's much harder. - I'll alter the sidebar here so you can have a look.

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