Saturday, 23 January 2016


Yesterday was very wet. I got soaked on the way to work and it took all day to dry out. Later in the day someone who has not seen me for a few months said 'you look terrible - really thin, how much weight have you lost' and later told me I looked really pale. They are probably right.

Managed to get a lot done last week but earned basically nothing - despite being really busy. I have to write a proposal for a job that would see me going onto a retainer - it's really interesting and something I want to do - and the income and stability would really help. I will probably be in the office tomorrow looking at it in detail.

It's been cold all week but not today - I know someone who is just about to be snowbound in the United State and is giving us regular blizzard updates - so I'm not complaining, although oddly enough - I never feel cold in the snow.

I'm at home today, cleaning the house mostly. Later on I need to do some paperwork. On Thursday I went out to the Bowie event in Hastings - the venue was so cold I had to leave at 8.30 before I passed out.

I just read the most patronising article online about how self employed people can protect themselves against being ill 'life hacking'.. or just skype the client if you are too ill to see them.. right.

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