Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wednesday evening

Another cold day - as it descends into freezing temperatures over this weekend, I suppose I should count myself lucky it's taken so long to hit winter.

Very busy day at work, helped a lot of people out - but despite making other people money - made none myself.

For some totally unknown reason - I've been locked out of the broadband at work - we can't understand what's happening - I'm piggy-banked onto the building next door's service.

Got flustered this afternoon and lost the plot, memory wise - quite unsettling - had no idea what I was doing for 10 mins.

The theme this week seems to be women with prams and buggies taking over the world - blocking doorways, shops, transport and roads. The technique of stopping the traffic by pushing a pram into the road without looking is pretty wearing when you're a cyclist - it must annoy drivers too. A woman in the COOP earlier literally brought the place to a standstill by deliberately blocking all the tills - made quite a performance about it - and I've been rammed off the pavement twice this week already by aggressive buggy pushers.

Plenty to do tomorrow, it will take my mind off things. I think I've managed to sort out transporting a box of Vinyl to York - which is most of the distance to Hebden Bridge - nearly there!!

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Anne Roy said...

Do not get me started on all the pushers in the streets ... pram pushers that is ... side by side they come down the pavement towards one. Will they shift? They will not. Entitlement moos I call them. Then they go into once peaceful coffee shops & let loose their sprogs ... sigh ...

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