Thursday, 14 January 2016


I like Thursday evenings, because tomorrow will be Friday.

Really cold today - but not actually freezing yet - that's happening tomorrow.

I worked really hard again today, but I'm not actually sure I earned any real money - that's the way things are, 50% of my time is doing stuff I don't get paid for in order to do the 50% I do - clients really can't understand that - and it's mostly because they are so badly organised or confused about what they want.

My big challenge today was the charity shops. I decided against buying any books - despite the temptation and some very good finds. I didn't buy any expensive shirts for pennies, because they were too big, and I managed to stop myself from buying an expensive and brand new short waxed jacket with a good label for £7, because I couldn't decide in the rubbish mirror if it actually fitted me - again, might be slightly too big - wasn't sure.

In the Oxfam shop - the whole place was taken over by tedious middle class, elderly volunteers who were trying to reorganise the books "Dear God, Shakespeare in 'fiction', these people are idiots" - that sort of thing.

I have a bad feeling that the people at work are starting to think I'm a bit of a downer - I should cheer up a bit - it's not been my week.

An odd contrast came later in the day - I was conflicted about how to feel when I did some basic sums and realised that after my allowances, expenses and taking into account Tax I have already paid - I will not be paying any tax next year - in fact, I'll probably be getting a rebate (on paper). Reducing down what I actually owe by a bit. I made a half hearted attempt to find out if I can possibly take advantage (tax wise) of any of the time I was unable to work, the money I lost or the huge costs of being off - but nothing came up. I don't claim any benefits or anything like that - I'm apparently out on the fringes of polite society.

I'm walking to work tomorrow - I don't like cycling past schools on Friday mornings - the mums on school run are much worse on Fridays and I don't feel safe - and I have a meeting at 5pm (more social than professional) and will probably be able to get a lift home afterwards. A piece of work needs to go to print in the morning after I get an approval - it's a re-print with minor adjustments so I'm not charging for it. I like the client and I want to make sure it's done well.

In other news. I was really, very deeply saddened today by the death of Alan Rickman. He was wonderful, can't really say any more than that.

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