Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wednesday - Epiphany

I' getting a lift into work later - ideal, I have thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment with me. I'll also be in a meeting later so I need to have a clear head and struggling down the hill or dealing with a taxi driver really doesn't suit me.

It's not raining. That's remarkable - it's rained for days, real rain - like something from a monsoon. Everything is damp and smelly.

This morning I have already managed to get into an argument with a selfish dog owner who just couldn't wait for me to cross the road before he let his out of control spaniels charge at mine. Idiot.

In te two days I spent at home working I did far more than I expected - I'm actually quite pleased with myself - although my sleeping patterns are now ruined, I need to get back into studio hours.

Another piece of work I was booked for hasn't turned up and I've not had the courtesy of an email or a phone call cancelling. That's typical.

I've also managed to get into a row on facebook already today with another Corbyn fanatic. Seriously wondering if I should cancel my Labour Party membership now. Just giving up and walking away from everything - total nonsense. The local Labour activist Landscape where I live is now misogynistic, arrogant, bullying and stupid.

I probably shouldn't have watched 'The Road' last night and woken up to the news that North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb.

Part of my day will be spent tackling finances. Part will be research, and part will be business development. I'm not sure I'll succeed ant any of them.

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