Thursday, 7 January 2016


It's 7am, I've been up for an hour and it's raining like the end of the world - I actually 'have' to be at work before 10am today - I'll need to take a spare set of clothes in with me and get changed into something dry.

Last night I had a telephone conversation for about an hour with someone I went to school with. We've stayed friends - thanks to the internet etc, but it's the first time we've spoken in 30 years. I only kept 2 friends from school. We were all three told that we were losers, a waste of time and would never achieve anything. None of us left school with more than 5 O levels. However, now - between us we have three Degrees, two Masters and a PHD. One of us had a BAFTA and we all have a string of professional qualifications. We did it all ourselves, with no help from our families, in fact, all of us faced opposition. Not that I'm feeling too clever today.

Spent some time last night with a friend who's mother died over Xmas, just generally talking through the practicalities and absurdities of the whole situation.

Had a productive meeting yesterday with a couple of clients about logistics. I probably saved them a huge amount of money by thinking through their practicalities for them. Obviously - I don't get paid for that.

I have a meeting this morning to go through the sales and work-return after the show we had before xmas. Looking unnecessarily complicated. I sold 3 out of 4 pieces, was paid in full for one, took deposits for two - have not paid the gallery fee on any and the 'wrong' piece of work was returned to me. Hmm....

The sun came out yesterday - it was a bit colder but lovely - I can't actually remember what it's like to have bright sunshine, today is so wet and windy it's depressing - but I have friends in Hebden Bridge and I spoke to one last night - the conditions there are much worse than the newspapers are telling us, she said it was quite heartbreaking and almost impossible to live day to day, but people have really rallied around and they have been particularly heartened by the efforts of the local refuge and Sikh communities who have fed them every day and helped with the clearances.

Yesterday was the date in 1066 Harold became king of England - only for a short period - leading towards the Battle of hastings. We are suppose to be marking the 950th anniversary this year with a number of events - still waiting to see what they are...

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