Saturday, 16 January 2016


The house is clean and tidy, and I'm on my 3rd lot of washing. It's also freezing cold.

I had to hang up some pictures and a cupboard earlier - in my present state of mind even the simplest tasks that require common sense and patience are a waste od time. There are now a lot of extra holes in my bathroom wall.

I was supposed to have a meeting yesterday afternoon, but it was cancelled at the last minute. Deeply frustrating as it messed up all my arrangements for the day - but never mind.

Two more standing orders have failed due to the change of my bank card - I can't keep up - this never used to happen.

we had a conversation at work yesterday about property. Two of my colleagues are considering becoming buy-to-let landlords - one can pay cash for property. I've really missed the boat here. It doesn't interest me personally - I just have no idea where they get the money, although one has a wife who earns and one lives at home still.

Had a couple of oblique but not altogether fanciful conversations about throwing in the towel, selling everything, buying a small house in Wales and spending a year getting my head straight.

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