Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sunday Morning

Yesterday I finally started feeling normal again - it cheered me up MASSIVELY.

I spent most of the day clearing up old archive discs and online storage - syncing the 3 computers I use and getting ready for work on Monday - and setting up 2 hard drives as back-ups, with all the right setups and putting them in new steel enclosures - that I bought cheap from a Chinese company via a reseller in America and turned out to be far better than anything I could buy here and far cheaper.

I even stayed up late to watch 'Tinker Tailor' on TV even though I have it on DVD. I seriously wish I now had the 5 days I had planned to catch up on work and do my admin.

In other news, I managed top was about 20 jumpers without shrinking ay of them and about 30 shirts. It's cold and wet so nothing will dry and the house smells of wet wool - but I'm starting to catch up on the world.

As I only have one day left before an early start back in the studio - I'm going to try and make the most of today I even look roughly healthy too - that's a bonus.

Had a text this morning - someone I was very good friends with for many years but now refuse to speak to has written their autobiography. He was actually quite well know at one time, and a 'controversial' character of sorts. The book comes out a few days before my birthday. I knew he was writing it - a few years ago when we were still friends we talked about it - I'm amazed it's going to see the light of day. Everyone he has ever worked with falls into two camps - either they survived his presence in their lives and flourished - in which case there will be injunctions, or they suffered - in which case they will go to the papers, and that's just his professional life. It's only going to be any good if he has the sense to die before publication, and as I was in some was a witness to a few of the less 'fun' episodes in the last few years - I dread to think that there might be some reference to me - his relationship with the truth is vague to say the least. If you have been reading this for a long time, you may remember me referring to my ending a friendship after many years because I could no longer tolerate his bad behavior to other people and knew that one day he'd do the same to me - and I wasn't even 'that' close to him. Of course - it may come to naught (although it's already on Amazon as a pre-order) - or I may be wrong and it could easily be a very important contribution to the world of popular culture and the music scene of the 80's and 90's. I really hope so.

I'm trying to decide if I should do my accounts today. I could leave this until tomorrow and do it at work - I'd probably prefer that - but I 'might' have a rush job on - not sure. I 'may' have had some payments - or I 'may' be on the brink of bankruptcy.. you see my dilemma?

Have you noticed that thing on Twitter and Facebook when people accidently find an obituary from several years ago and re-tweet it, assuming the person has just died - and it goes 'viral' as people see and retweet themselves? Today was Toly Hart (Died 2009) - last week was Peter O'Toole (Died 2013). It's like they have come back from the dead and live again briefly - and then die. There's a short story or an episode of Dr Who in that. Somewhere.

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