Saturday, 2 January 2016

Saturday Morning

Essentially - it's just another Saturday - that's my plan - although I am thinking of cancelling this morning and watching 'The Eagle Has Landed' instead.

I'd forgotten how grim Saturday morning radio was. I must endeavour to listen to more music this year - I forget how much I enjoy it.

I'm in the dining room where I've set up my main computer - I'm going to sync all the hard drives later. One think I intended doing was changing and rationalising all my passwords - I'll give that a go - and clearing out any cloud servers. I did promise my brother I'd sort out access to one so he could access all my personal and financial details if I had the bad manners to die, I must crack on with that.

Just had my first boiled egg in about a year, I'd forgotten how great they are when you do it right. Today I actually feel pretty normal - I've also realised that I've not eaten in a week so I'm a bit wobbly - need to resolve that.

Yesterday I managed to wash a load of jumpers without shrinking any of them. My washing machine is very difficult to program - it's designed to frustrate you - I beat it, this time.

Being at home has reminded me how much the people next door row, more specifically her - she never stops screaming. These idiots have no idea how much damage they do their kids.

The bay tree in my garden managed to break free of it's moorings and is now leaning again - I may need some help with that one - if I can get the money together I'll pay to have the garden fences replaced and get it done at the same time. I was going to attempt some financial planning this week - that's out of the window. I had also been contacted by someone whe wanted work that goes to print on the 5th of January and asked if I was I avaiulable over xmas - I said yes, and then nothing. I get that a lot.

We had a conversation in the studio before xmas about the move towards a new Self Employment tax system - with returns 4 times a year rather than 1 - personally I'm fine with that and can see many benefits - but also may drawbacks. It will be easy for me to manage the administration if the Revenue can upgrade their software and keep it current - but work does not really 'work' like that when you are self employed. I'm also a bit concerned how it will present me to other financial institutions. If I need a mortgage - will this change the scrutiny banks place me under?

It's still not cold. That's the best thing I can say about this winter. Damp and constantly windy - but not cold. I've still not had any heating on. Quite plaesed about that.

Didn't bother with Sherlock last night. Just didn't see the point. I was asleep by 10 anyway.

Broadband is well below par today.

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jon gonzalez said...

I love boiled eggs too. Just like my brother

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