Monday, 4 January 2016


Back to work - 7.30am and I'm already running an hour late.

As all the computers are here - and the weather is due to be pretty bad today - I 'may' decide to work at home. I don't relish moving everything back if it's raining.

The bin men are due this morning - I actually forgot last week, despite me going to a lot of trouble to find the revised xmas collection timetable and posting it on facebook. Most of my neighbours did too and the street is packed with bin bags waiting for collection. Any minute now it's going to start raining and will stay wet for a week. It's also dark. Staying home really is a smart option. That piece of work that I had agreed to complete over xmas for the 5th may still turn up and I can do it from here.

Last night I made roasted vegetables in the oven, and then left them too long. Waste of both power and food. Some of them were more like vegetable crisps.

This piece of property has turned up. It's exactly what I have wanted for a couple of years. It's a bit of a funny layout but right in the old town - nestled between shops and studios - with an oblique sea view front and back so you don't get the wind, and a ground floor that I can use for a studio/office or a shop when it's something that suits me. Obviously, I'm not in a position to move at the moment - but I could certainly find a way to pay the mortgage every month. It would be an ideal long-term investment - that part of town will never lose value and is seriously on the 'up' and it would resolve all my work/live issues in one stroke. If things had been slightly different or I'd made different decisions over the years I'd jump at it - but I didn't.

I watched about 15 mins of the xmas episode of Sherlock and gave up - it was just an annoying, smug pantomime and extended in-joke, and the acting was rather too music hall and camp for me.

I could have watched War and Piece or the fascinating looking German drama - but I couldn't concentrate on TV, I've lost the habit long ago.

I'm morbidly fascinated by Angie Bowie being on 'I'm a Celebrity'. One of the strange things I've had to get used to over the years is the increasing obsession with Bowie by people around me - he's transcended into to some kind of deity for most people who will tolerate no discussion or criticism. I knew someone once who is now very associated with the presentation of Bowie to the public over the last few years and uses it as a badge of honour and it has made them into a design superstar. I personally don't get it at all. Aside from a golden period around the late 70's to mid 80's - I'm untouched by his general appeal.

Clive Vale is littered with abandoned xmas trees. It's an obstacle course.

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