Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Crisis at Christmas - and other cautionary tales.

The week before Xmas was OK, mostly work - in fact, that’s probably all I did. I managed to get a new bank card faster than expected - but didn’t get the chance to buy anything. Not that I had any money.

On xmas eve I had arranged to help transport the severely disabled son of a friend up 4 flights of stairs. He’s in his late 20’s - and has a motorised chair that weighs far more than I do. The chair should have come apart but had been bolted together by an engineer at the care home where he lives, and the wheels lock when not engaged. It took 4 of us, but we made it. His mum is deeply frustrated because when she bought the building she was assured that planning permission for a lift would be forthcoming - that was 7 years ago. They are thinking of moving out - their businesses are based at the premises but they have had enough.

On the way home I went for a couple of drinks with my best friend - it was lovely. I did my vegetable shopping and went home, very tired after a long year and anticipating a break with quite a few bits of work, admin and house stuff planned. I had taken all the computers and hard drives home - so was geared up.

I decided to go to bed early as I knew I’d be out all day Xmas day. In the morning, after a quick chat with my brother - the car arrived much earlier than expected and I had to literally run out buttoning my shirt. We had a lovely day - with several friends early and then my best friend and his girlfriend who made a fantastic vegetarian lunch - even though I told them not to. I’m sure I’m the only person who had Korean pickled cabbage on Xmas day.

I left at about 8.30 and went home and early to bed. Sadly - I woke up about 2 hours later shaking and sweating with what people politely call ‘winter vomiting virus’ - I’ve not eaten now for 4 days, and although I’m over the worst I literally feel like I’ve been stamped on. The vegetables I bought have all been put in the composter today - and I just ate some fruit. I look like death, and feel worse.

I had to get out of the house anyway today to help bring the wheelchair downstairs - it was much easier than going up.

In other news. I grew a beard for 8 weeks. I assumed I’d looked younger and healthier when I shaved it off - I didn’t.

On the day after boxing day during a short vomit break - I walked the dogs around my neighbourhood, lots of smart middle-class houses. Outside one was a large real xmas tree, complete with decorations and tinsel - that looked like it had been thrown out of the door. Additionally, two close friends split up on Boxing day - although I’m hoping the will reconcile.

I suppose I can’t complain too much, it hasn’t rained here - I know people in Hebden Bridge who have had a terrible time, and it’s not exactly cold. I’ve still not bother with any heating. 

It looks like I’ll be running a cloakroom on NYE this year at a different venue to usual - getting reliable staff in this town appears to be a bit of a problem. I’m doing it as a favour.

There was something else.

Oh yes. I lost my temper. I never lose my temper or stand up for myself - if I do, I get accused of being unreasonable - because people expect to be able to walk all over me. Late in the evening during my end of year works drinks party - I finally snapped after hours of bullshit by the youngish, very privileged and opinionated daughter of someone dead but very famous. And I just snapped and told her what I thought of her. She was a complete spoilt bitch - the final straw was ‘Oh, Hillary just compromises - so I’ll vote Trump’ - she is half American and was with an American girl who appeared to have done everything imaginable in the world despite being about 22 - and clearly the kind of girl who gets dragged out to make everyone else look good. When you spend the evening listening to someone who insists they are a feminist but calls other women ‘bitch’ and ‘cunt’ repeatedly - it just gets too much. All that entitlement crossed the line with me. Alas - the exact moment I chase to vent - the music went off and the whole bar heard me.

As I’ve been stuck at home - mostly asleep, I caught up on a bit of telly. ‘And Then There Were None’ was superb - couldn’t fault it. The drama doc about Nureyev was also excellent, and so was the film about ‘Dad’s Army’ - mainly because of the cast - mostly John Sessions, I didn’t realise it was him at all until the end credits.

I also watched the new Mad Max film. It was awful. I honestly don’t understand where the trophy of feminism came into it - it was really poor. I’ll probably write a review of it soon to get it off my chest. 

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