Sunday, 20 December 2015

Crash and burn

Sunday again. Sorry about that - more later.

This may be a bit of a ramble.

Yesterday was a waste of time. I needed a new kettle and a light bulb. The bulb was much more expensive than I thought, I had to grit my teeth. Kettles - for some reason, seem to have hit the £50 mark while I wasn't looking.

I wasted about an hour trawling the shops and eventually found on in BHS that was half price and not too ugly. Sadly - an annoying woman had the same idea and practically snatched it out of my hands, assuming I would be a gentleman and let her have it. I wouldn't - I'm sick of being walked over so I made a member of staff come over and asked if there were any store in store - it took him 20 mins to find them, despite the woman insisting with some volume that he could sell her the display model and it was her legal right to be able to buy it - I suspect she just wanted to get away from me.

I took my kettle to the till - the girl working was about 17 and very silly, this is where it gets messy. She was babbling away and took my card - and then bagged up the kettle, and asked me again for my card. Because of my head stuff, I panicked - assuming I'd actually lost it - seeing as it wasn't in mcy wallet - and in my confusion thought I'd somehow imagined that I had already given it to her. This resulted in me retracing my steps and then going to the bank to cancel my card (I won't get another one until after xmas) - they have 'allowed me' to take up to £50 in cash out of the bank per day until this happens. As I needed that kettle I returned to BHS, I was served by someone else - the silly girl was at the next till. The guy who served me them charged me £50 rather than £25, I refused and pointed out that it was displayed as half price - after some faffing about he insisted it was a slightly different kettle and demanded £50 - while this was happening the idiot girl next to me did EXACTLY the same thing again and kept the bank card of an old and very confused woman - but seemed to think it was funny. I walked out, without my card, my kettle or any hope of getting through Xmas in one piece. My bank is a 30 min walk from my house and I'm quite sure I'll run out of cash over xmas when it's least convenient to get there. I'm also quite sure I'll never shop in BHS ever again.

Earlier in the week someone took advantage of my good nature - I get that a lot - I don't suppose they did it intentionally, they just didn't think - it's what they are used to - and quite thoughtless. I told one of my better friends over a drink later in the week - he was outraged and used social media to tear a strip off them. I then had to deal with the transgressors attempt at apologising but not really getting what they had done, and being quite defensive. I really couldn't be bothered. I don't care any more. People just use me - and then get outraged when I stand up for myself.

We have our studio and associated studios xmas drinks on Wednesday - wouldn't have happened if I hadn't sorted it. I'm spending Xmas day with a couple I'm very fond of who will be sensitive that each of their respective children will be spending the day with each other former partners (if that makes sense) so I'll try and make the day work. I'm sure it will be fine.

The guy fixing the fences cancelled - looks like I'll have to do it myself. I'm really short of money so it's going to be difficult. Small dogs incontinence has reached biblical proportions - I spend all my time mopping or dealing with the misery of a bad tempered senile greyhound who complains and whines constantly.

I got very confused yesterday when I saw something online that suggested Peter O'Toole had died. Apparently this happened 2 years ago, but that was news to me. Got quite upset.

Work is OK - managed to get a lot more done this week - but I'm going to have to sit down and sort my finances, still looking at a blank wall there. I seem to have new work coming up too - I hope next year is better than this one.

Regarding my lack of posts. I think I used to see this blog as talking to myself and keeping a diary of the day-to-day. I think that the problem is that now, after the accident.. I'm not really sure who I'm talking to - that person might not be here any more. I'll give it some thought.


Steerforth said...

I'm sure you have many readers who miss the daily updates, but I share your growing ambiguity about blogging and feel as if mine as grinding to a halt.

Anonymous said...

No, neither of you must stop. You’re a couple of the few things that makes the internet worthwhile. All the best, Bob.

lucy joy said...

Keep at it. I'm very sorry that I stopped. I just got too embarrassed about my life, but that's not a good reason to stop.
Write forever please

Lucy xx

lucy joy said...
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Anonymous said...

The blog posts are interesting, because they set out the issues that must commonly be faced by many people in the sort of work you do - eg self employed, precarious contractually etc etc. Quite a valuable record in a sense. And also interesting to hear about some of the goings on in Hastings, as a former nearby resident.

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